New America is a large country located in North America, with sizable territories in Latin America and other regions of the world. Its constitution was signed on December 30, 1972. The country derives from the United States of America which was destroyed by revolutionaries who created New America.


Population: 415,000,000

Ethnic groups: New American 67%, Mexican 15%, Brazilian 9%, American 5%

Religion: Psychedelian 60%, Catholic 15%, Protestant 14%, Nonreligious 5%

Capital: Concord, California

Government type: Free union

Active troops: 4,565,000 (1.1% of population)

Defense budget: $251,075,000,000

Expense per soldier: $55,000

Industries: steel, motor vehicles, aerospace, telecommunication, chemicals, electronics, consumer gooods

Crops: wheat, corn, fruits, vegetables, cotton, hemp

Natural resources: coal, copper, led, phosphates, timber, iron, bauxite


GDP per capita:

Pre-Revolution/United States of America

The United States became independent from the United Kingdom in 1776. By 1787, the government was created that would be used until 1972. America's prominence grew through the 1800s but a rift between slave states and free states culminated in a civil war lasting from 1861-65. After the civil war, there was still a rift between the racially tolerant industrialized north and the economically poor conservative south.

The United States increased its involvement in world affairs through the later half of the 1800s. In 1917, the United States entered World War 1. The economy did well in the 1920s, but in the 1930s an economic depression and drought plagued America. The only thing that brought America out of depression was the Second World War, 1941-45. After the war, America was established as a superpower in the world. It would engage in a period of occupying countries around the world to ensure capitalism survive.

After fighting in the Korean War (1950-53), a fear of communism swept the country. Into the 1960s, communism was the largest fear of the conservative American.


Developing a Nation 1973-78

Spreading Free Unionism 1978-present

Counterculture of the 1990s

New America Today

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