New US

New America Flag: 1952- Present

New American Republic
Timeline: No Nuclear Weapons

OTL equivalent: Parts of Japan and Germany and The American States of Alaska and Hawaii
New US
Flag of the New America

E Plurbius Unum (Out of Many, One) (Engilish)Motto
In God We Trust (Engilish)

Anthem "The Star-Bangeled Banger"
Capital Anchorage (Alaska State Capitial)
Largest city Toyko
Other cities Munich, Toyko and Honoulou (The Other State Capitials)
Engilish (Offical)
  others German and Japeneese
Religion A Big Vareity
President Barack Obama
Area Central Europe, East Asia, North-East America and the Pacific Islands km²
Established 1949
Currency Dollar
Organizations Triple Powers

New America; is country with four states, Honshu, South Germany, Alaska and Hawaii

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