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New Albion Dollars (or NADs in the stock market) are and have been the official currency of the Commonwealth of New Albion.

Dollar Bills

All bills follow a certain format. While the originals are drawn in a larger scale, the actual circulated bills are printed at 2"x5.5" They are the only product of the New Albion government to be measured with the old British system.


DrakeNewAlbion5 Reversenewalbion5
The Five dollar bill bears the likeness of Sir Francis Drake, founder of the country and first Governor of New Albion. The Back features a profile of his ship, the Golden Hind as sketched by Jacobus Hondius.


QueenNewAlbion10 Reversenewalbion10
The Ten dollar bill bears the likeness of Queen Elizabeth II (changes with monarch of the U.K.) and the rear shows a 1697 map of North America focusing on New Albion.


StanfordNewAlbion20 Reversenewalbion20
The Twenty dollar bill bears the likeness of Leland Stanford, former president of the Albion Pacific Railroad and the first Prime Minister of New Albion. The reverse shows the completion of the first transcontinental railroad.


SeattleNewAlbion50 Reversenewalbion50
The Fifty Dollar bill bears the likeness of Chief Seattle, while the reverse bears the city of his namesake.


The Hundred dollar bill bears the likeness of Benjamin D. Wilson, second prime minister of New Albion. The Back was unavailable for display.


One Cent

Five Cents

Ten Cents

Twenty Five Cents

Fifty Cents

One Dollar

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