New Albion
Timeline: Caesar of Rome
1538 - ?
Flag of England
Flag of New Albion

Dieu et mon droit (French)
("God and my right")

Anthem: "God Save the Queen"
Capital: St. Augustine
  other languages: Hotian, Chumashan, Hokan
Religion: Roman Catholicism
Type of government: Semi-constitutional monarchy
Currency: Pound (£)

New Albion was an English colony in southwestern Borealia, in the OTL California region. It was one of the first official established colonies in the New World, and first grabbed attention of English settlers due to its large deposits of gold and other precious metals.

As the colony grew, New Albion consisted of territories directly governed by the English crown, often with high populations of English citizens. The land also consisted of minor Chiefly States that were governed by local chiefs, established through official treaties, and often with high Native Borealian populations.[1]



Sketch New Albion Island (Caesar of Rome)

Early map of the "Island" of New Albion, c.1600

New Albion was originally thought by settlers to be an island.[2] This was primarily due to the fact that the settlers traveled from southern Borealia, on the west of OTL Mexico near the late Aztec Empire, across the "Sea" (Gulf) of Columbus. This misconception that the peninsula was an island lasted for over a century, and many held that it was a paradise like the Garden of Eden or Atlantis. Only as the settlement grew however, and colonialists expanded their territory north, did they realize that the island was actually a peninsula.

Chiefly States



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