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Timeline: Doomsday

OTL equivalent: New Albany
Flag New Albany Logo
Flag Coat of Arms
New Albany Limita
Location of The City of New Albany

Advance the Green and Gold! (English)

Anthem "My Old Kentucky Home"
Language English
Religion Roman Catholic, Baptist
Demonym Hoosier
Government City Council
  legislature New Albany City Council
Currency US Dollar
The City of New Albany is a major settlement in the nation of the Commonwealth of Kentucky


The Soviets targeted the Downtown area of Louisville and the Louisville Int. Airport, which held a major amount of Kentucky National Guard Airf orce Guard fighters. The Indiana Army Ammunitions Plant was also a large target. The missile directed to the downtown area had gone off a few miles and detonated on the east side of Louisville, which killed more people that the missile was intended to do. New Albany was not directly hit, but was effected by a small shockwave which damaged powerlines and the EMP had halted all car movment.


First Month

New Albany had a large amount of ash cover the city, and radiation sickness was the main at worrie at Floyd Memorial Hospital. The National Guard on Grant Line Road was called into action, which would split into three groups NA-1, NA-2 and NA-3. The NA-1 group was to march down Greenvalley road onto Beechwood Ave and then to Vincennes St, once on Main Street the group is split up to two groups, one going to the Sherman Minton Bridge and one staying at downtown to keep order and helping Duke Energy to rebuild the powerlines. The group at the Sherman Minton Bridge had built a large barracade to defend themselves from the incoming Louisville refugee population, the party also put up large signs which told the population to turn back or stay peaceful and wait for help.

Group NA-2 was sent to the east side of New Albany to help with the over flowing steam of Silver Creek, which was not a threat to New Albany due to that the city built large flood gates and wall to prevent any flooding of the city. The National Guard put up the large gates and turned the flood walls into a out post to prevent an over flow of refugees from Clarksville.

NA-3 was issued with the task of control of the inner city and focused on keeping order and being the main fist for the Mayor, this team was also composed of the New Albany City Police. A few cases of civil disorder were accounted for in the area, most were handled with care.

Few Months After

Happys Auto had begun working with Duke Energy over providing the national guard and police force with transportation, working on the jeeps in late October. Food rations are kept at a strict lew and all stores are to be taken control over and turned into rations centers. The City is kept in a steady pace of this for the next few years, allowing no progress and a horrible winter to come.

A Bad Winter

The winter after Doomsday was one of the worst for New Albany, one of the coldest ever. Louisville Refugees and Clarksville refugees begin to die due to the chilling winter, New Albany's Mayor begins 'Operation Tent' the operation began on December 25th with the population beging drawn off the bridge onto the highway and onto Falling Run Park, Anderson Park and onto the Scribner Football field and Cherry Valley Golf Course were they are put into locals donated tents and the National Guards Tents, this dramaticly causes less deaths, but puts a worse pain on food rations.

Good Times To Come

Happys Auto begin to roll out five new jeeps at the end of winter, which with the help of Duke Energy and the old issued Jeep trucks allowed an easy repairment. Gas was provided from abandond cars and out of service gas stations. The National Guard and Police Force move out to local towns of Floyds Knobs, Galena St.
Coal Plant
Marys, Duncan, Georgetown and Edwardsville, the outer cities provided food while New Albany gives protection to the county. The R. Gallagher Generating Station is put back online, and provides power to the counties hospitals.

New Albany was able to join Baron Hill's short-lived Indiana entity, which then became part of Kentucky.

Under Kentucky

New Albany was able to provide full power once Kentucky had begun shipping coal down the Ohio River. New Albany has become a boom town for Kentucky on the Ohio, it has allowed Kentucky a close outpost to Louisville and a passage to Southern Indiana. The City of New Albany was able to annex the town in Floyd County, boosting up the population count in the city.

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