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500 AD

As the nomadic tribes settle down, Europe gains definite borders, shown on the map below.The Kingdom of the Saxons assaults and conquers the kingdom of the Angles with thousands of men

501 AD


The Celtic tribes unite under a high king and make some gains on the British Saxons.

503 AD


With support coming in from Germany, the Saxons conquer Wales and the rest of England, bottling the Celts up into Scotland and Ireland.

504 AD

504 BC New Map
Whilst the Saxon warriors were carving out a Saxon Empire within the British Isles, disease and weakness at home led to the invasion of the Saxon Homeland by the Turinges people. With the local Saxon war bands beaten back, the call out to the British based warriors becomes a shrill shriek for help. Pouring across the German Sea, the Saxons abandon their new British conquests allowing the subdued Britons to rally to a new king. This king carries the Saxon foe before him, until only East Anglia remains in Saxon hands, and this is hostile territory to the Saxons, being as it is the homeland in exile of the Angle race. Taking advantage of British attention in the south, the Danes take part of the Northern extreme of the island, though their territory is limited by the landscape of the area.

505 AD

  • The Byzantine Empire launches an all out invasion of the Kingdom of Vandals. within a few months, the Vandals are completely destroyed. the Byzantine Bucellarii even manage to drive the Berber tribesmen out of some of the former Roman province of Mauritania.
  • thanks to the rich agricultural land around the Black Sea, the Byzantine territories there expand greatly as Byzantine peasants move there in order to escape poverty in the cities.
  • Due to the successes of Byzantine light and heavy cavalry, the Byzantine Emperor adds several units of light cavalry to the garrison in the former kingdom of Vandals, and begins planning an offensive to drive the barbarians out of the former Roman africa entirely.
  • New mg 505

506 a.D

  • the Byzantines colonize more lands around the Black Sea
  • The Byzantines conquer the Ostrogoth Balkans, weakening the Ostrogoth Kingdom
  • Franks and Burgundians form a coalition against the Visigoths, with victories
  • the Celts take lands from the Saxons.
  • the Danes colonize OTL southern Finland.

506 AD newandimprovedmapgame

the world on 506

507 AD

  • The Kingdom of Gepides invades the Slavs.
  • The Byzantine Empire reconquers more of North Africa, and colonizes more of the land around the Black Sea.
  • The Byzantine Empire launches an incredibly successful amphibious assault on the Ostrogothic territory in Southern Italy.
  • The Celts reconquer all of England except East Anglia.
  • Nai mg 507ad

508 AD

This one

new map.

The Saxons counter-attack the Celts with a high success rate. The king of the Saxons, Earthide the Great, proclaims himself Saxon Emperor. The Saxon Empire has begun. Earthide the Great forced the Celts to sign a treaty of peace, and he built huge fortifications along the border with the Celts. Earthhide also expanded the size of the Saxon homeland and built fortifications there. He also built up his navy and reorganized his large army.

509 AD

  • the Byzantine offensive drives into the heartland of Ostrogothic territory, capturing Rome and the Ostrogoth Capital of Ravenna
  • The Byzantines colonize more of Eastern Europe
  • The Slavs and Gepides sign a ceasefire, but peace isn't expected to last.Nai mg 509 ad

510 a.D


  • the Byzantine Empire conquers the Ostrogoth Kingdom.
  • The Kingdom of the Franks takes lands from the Wisigoths.
  • The King of Franks renames the country as France.
  • The Celts recuperate its pre-war borders.
  • Balts migrate north.
  • Saxons and French make a treaty; France will give them a large piece of it's eastern lands in exchange of peace.
  • Rome conquers lands on Asia

511 AD

511 nai

  • The Saxon Empire learns from its mistakes, and only captures a small part of the Celtic territories, and begin to send in groups of Saxon settlers and build huge castles on the border between the Saxon Empire and the Celts.
  • Rome invades the Gepides, and conquers most of it.
  • Rome colonizes more of Eastern Europe
  • Rome retakes the rest of North Africa from the barbarians

512 AD

The Saxons conquer the southern portion of Scotland. They build fortified castles there and bring in Saxon settlers.

  • 511 naimg
  • The Roman Empire launches an invasion of the Wisigoths using their recently recruited auxiliaries from the lands of the Ostrogoths, Gepides and Vandals. they conquer a large part of the Wisigoth Kingdom.
  • The Roman also finish conquering the Gepides, and settle more of Eastern Europe.

513 AD

The Saxon Empire conquer the rest of Scotland. They again bring in Saxon settlers and build fortified castles.

Meanwhile, the Slavs and Balts attack and annex a large portion of the Roman Empire.

513 naimg

The Roman armies in Spain kill the Wisigoth king, and his Kingdom collapses around him. the Romans easily take control.

Roman armies in Eastern Europe halt the advance of the Slavs and Balts, and they are hard-pressed to keep control of their newly acquired lands, because most of the settlers are Romans.

514 AD


The Slavs advance farther south, thanks to help from the Saxon Empire. Later in the year, Arthur the Great comes to power in the Saxon Empire.

515 AD

  • the true Roman Army returns from Spain, and drive a wedge between the Slavic heartland and their newly conquered territories.
  • the new Slavic territories rise up in revolt against their garrisons, and soon most of that area is returned to Roman control. these revolts usually ended in hte deaths of the entire garrison, so the Slavic fighting force is deprived of many of their best troops.
  • the Danes, fearful of further Saxon expansion northward, attack and conquer Jutland under the leadership of one of the greatest Danish Kings, Gustav IV.
  • 515 NAIMG
  • The Danes also colonize more of Finland
  • the Romans regain their territory from the Balts.

516 AD


  • A Roman-French coalition conquers Burgundy
  • The Celts and Saxons make peace: the Saxons will give them OTL Scotland and Wales, the Celts turn into a single kingdom and become vassals of the Saxons

517 AD

Arthur the Great rebuilds the Saxon military. He had made peace with the Celts to buy time. Arthur has the king of Celts killed, and he proclaims himself King of the Celts, thus uniting the Celt kingdom with the Saxon Empire. Arthur also conquers Denmark and fortifies his positions there. Meanwhile, the Slavs and Balts unite as one nation, becoming the Kingdom of Slav-land, and take land as far south as Romania.


518 AD

  • The Slav King has trouble controlling the scattered tribes of the Slavs and Balts. He quickly loses power and he loses all of the Balt territory
  • A few tribes have started to settle down and gain a sense of cultural identity, Romania, Lithuania, and the Poles have become distinct states.
  • The King of the Langobardos is killed and the state conqeurs more territory from the Slav tribes and from Eastern Rome, they rename themselves the Bavarians.
  • Sarmatians, through marriage, join up with nomads called Huns and destroy Eastern Rome's northeastern settlements. They set up an area in the east as a base camp for future raids against developing Europe.
  • Romania makes a deal with Eastern Rome, Rome allows Romania to stay a country in return for their help in regaining Eastern Rome's territory taken by the Slavs and Sarmatians and Huns.

518 AD


With help from Romania, Rome takes back much of the land seized by the Huns/Samatians.

Rome gives Romania a small amount of land to allow them to expand, which they do, takeing land from the Savs.

A Rman leigion takes land from the Slavs.




  • In order to curb Saxon aggression, the Danes, Bavarians and France ally and invade.
  • The Celts take advantage of the join invasion of the Saxons and rebel.
  • The Romans, being extremely overextended taking more and more new territory and trying to subdue the populations, begin to break down in some areas. The people of Carthage take this opportunity to re-establish the Carthaginian Republic


  • Eastern Rome grants Romania more territory in return for more troops.
  • Carthage conqeurs Sardinia, Southern Spain, and part of Sicily
  • The Suebs take more territory in Spain
  • It's army busy fighting on the Western front, more of Rome's eastern territory is destroyed by the Sarmatians and Huns, now known as just the Huns and a new nomadic group called Bulgars.
  • The Celts conqeur more of OTL Wales.



Arthur the Great takes back all the Celtic terrritory. He also takes back the land taken by France and Denmark. Arthur then signs a treaty with France and Denmark, promising to halt Saxon expansion. In exchange, the French and Danes recognize Saxon control of all England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland, as well Denmark and the Saxon homeland.



  • The Eastern Roman Emperor dies and the seat of power is disputed. This leaves the military in the hands of the popular general, in turn the military generals fight among themselves and Rome's borders are left undefended.
  • Carthage conqeurs more of southern Spain
  • Hispania, as it's known in Latin, breaks away from the Roman Empire and two states are created known as Hispania Major and Inferior
  • France takes territory from Rome
  • The Bavarians expand south
  • The Bulgars gain territory along the Black Sea
  • Pannonia breaks off from the Roman Empire
  • Romania fights against the Roman Empire and takes Moldova, Dobruja, Wallachia and Transylvania



Arthur the Great proclaims the existence of the Empire of Britain, consisting of the British isles. He separates the Saxon lands in Denmark and Germany to become Saxon Germany. Arthur makes a peace with the Bavarians at the same time.



  • Utigur, under the tutelage of his father Ernakh, the 3rd son of Attila the Hun, recreates the Hunnic Empire in the name of his deceased grandfather Attila
  • The Bulgars conquer more territory from the Roman Empire
  • The Danes settle territory along the Volga River



  • Italia revolts comes into existence. It immediately signs treaties with France, the Bavarians, and Panniona, as well Carthage.
  • Carthage conquers the Mallorca(?) Islands and Sardinia, it also takes a bit of Sicily from the new Italia
  • The Hunnic Empire attacks Romania
  • The Poles form Pole-land, they lose territory to Saxon Germany
  • Lithuania conquers more tribes
  • The Danes settle more land in the Baltic area



Arthur the Great continues his state-supported massacre of the Celts. It will not be until 534 that this is accomplished. To compensate the population loss, Arthur brings in French settlers.

The Danes invade Jutland under the command of Gustav IV.

the Danes continue to settle Finland and northern Russia. they connect their settlements on the Volga river to the rest of their empire, after driving out the baltic tribes

Gustav IV declares the Gulf of Finland and the Gulf of Bothnia are territory of the Danes, and declares that no foreign ship can enter. this gives the Danes a monopoly on the rich timberlands of Finland and Lappland, which allows them to stifle other countries naval development and and increase their own.



  • Arthur the Great signs a truce with Gustav IV. Saxon Germany cedes Denmark to the Danes, in exchange for a Danish promise of no further attacks on Saxon territory.
  • The Hunnic Empire claims more of Romania
  • Hispania Major attacks the Kingdom of Suebs




Sickened by the planned extermination of the British Celts, the Celts of Brittany persuade the French king to intervene. France invades the Kingdom of Britain under the command of the Breton Celts. The British Saxon armies, severely weakened and overextended by numerous wars and their efforts to exterminate the ferocious indigenous Celts fall quickly. The Breton commander then establishes the celtic Kingdom of Upper Brittany in Cornwall and southern Wales. Celtic people from across the British isles flee for this safe haven from Saxon butchery and soon the Breton army swells to a size the British Saxons have no hope of expelling. The King then makes plans to invade and secure northern Wales and Ireland.


  • The Hunnic Empire completely conquers all of Romania
  • Hispania Major, using the effectiveness of the Roman army captures of land from the Suebs.
  • Wales is taken the Upper Brittany



Saxon Germany attacks Danes. They breach their pact of no-attacks, but are sure their army can defend against Danes.

Saxon Germany annexes Denmark


531 AD

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