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The Nevesian Federation or more commonly known as Nevesia, is a polical entity located in the continent of South Vinhaard. The country is known for being home to the founding father of South Vinhaardian independence movements: Simon Neves, and the first Communist nation on Earth to emerge. It has been an influential nation throughout the history of the Americas, and since the mid-20th Century, Earth. Originally colonised by Galicia and Castille, the region currently known as Nevesia was a highly contested one in the 16th and 17th centuries as the two colonial powers fought over the region. However, it was not until the interference of Al-Aldalus in the late 17th Century that Arab colonisers arrived and Galicia and Castille turned to their new enemy in an attempt to drive them from the region. 

After a period of conflict, Galicia had obtained complete control over the current-day nation of Nevesia, and soon in the 18th Century, it became a prosperous commercial centre, and by the 19th Century, the Vinhaardian Wars of Independence had begun across Central and Southern Vinhaard against the former Galician motherland, inspired by the Columbian Revolution. Nevesia was quickly involved and became the third nation in Vinhaard to declare sovereignty, and the first in Southern Vinhaard to do so. It was during this period that the Southern Vinhaard revolutionary known as Simon Neves first emerged, and led a series of wars for independence across the continent. This resulted in the formation of the country now known as Nevesia, named in his honour.

When the country was first formed, it was formed under the Nevesian Empire, which rapidly grew to encompass the majority of the northern regions of Southern Vinhaard through military conquest and warfare. However, after a period of economic crisis and political unrest, the Empire eventually fell as the First World War turned out to be the final nail on the coffin, eventually giving rise to the world's first Communist state, while Germany turned Communist two years later. 

Under the Nevestrian Federation, the country began to nationalise its economy entirely and began to expel foreign companies, while the country began a rapid industrialisation process (albeit with intense political repression and corruption being involved in the process), but the country eventually fought the Second World War against the neighbouring Andean Empire and the Third Aztec Imperium, eventually causing the former to capitulate and the third to become a satellite state to Nevesia. Of course, the result was a Cold War with Columbia and East Asia, which had survived the wrath of California while Tenochtitlan was obliterated by a Nevesian nuclear device (despite the Independent State of France being nuked by Columbia months prior). This allowed Nevesia to become the second nation to harness the power of nuclear energy, and as the mid-20th Century approached, the Cold War began and the country began to head into an arms race with the Federal States of Columbia and the East Asian Federation. After fighting a series of proxy wars, and conducting a technological arms race, in the 1990s, the country began to ease tensions with Columbia, although in recent years, it has reignited tensions with the Columbian government following the capture of the island of Al-Kalham, and the recent sponsoring of Communist insurgents in New Venice and the remaining Galician colonies in the Erikssan Archipielago. However, whether this means the reboot of the Cold War remains to be seen..............




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