Neutral Zone Geograhpical Alignment of Europe RSR

The Alliance-Free Zone is the name of an area of Central Europe which consists of the former Warsaw Pact Members, that became capitalist states after the fall of the Soviet Union. The Zone was established based on a promise made by George H.W. Bush, at the end of the Cold War. The Zone was agreed upon by the United States and Russian SFSR in 1998. 


  • Austria
  • Czech Republic
  • Slovakia
  • Hungary
  • Bulgaria
  • Romania
  • Croatia
  • Bosnia and Herzgovinia 
  • Monternegro 
  • Serbia
  • Kosovo
  • Slovenia
  • Macedonia
  • Albania 
  • Moldova

Most of the nations listed here were a part of the Warsaw Pact, excluding Yugoslavia, Albania and Austria, which were neutral during the Cold War. 


Economic Life

The Economies of the Neutral Countries are poorly run as many nations have found themselves either in debt or in depression. The Yugoslav Wars have left nations like Bosnia in serious debt. The average unemployment rate for Central Europe is about 15%. Conditions have improved in the nations such as Hungary, where the E.E.C. has sent aid and money to help rebuild their shattered economies, and have eased the transition into a free-market economy. Most of the Nations have maintained Mixed Economies, however, hoping to keep the State involved in Basic Services while allowing Private Enterprises to form and flourish with some monetary prosperity. 

Governmental Systems

With the execption of Croatia, each Country is a Unitary System, governed by a Parliament. Countries like Moldova, and Serbia, have been criticized for their Human Rights Violations. The Kosovo Independence War of 2008 led to a re-assement of the Serbian Government and concluded that the countries treatment of ethnic minorities was as bad as it was during the Yugoslav Wars and Russia has been criticized for its support in these atrocities, but has denied allegations of this.  

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