The Neutral Countries Alliance (NCA) was an alliance formed between the four main neutral countries in Europe, Ireland, Sweden, Turkey and Portugal after the invasion of another neutral country, Switzerland. After the Germans invaded Switzerland in 1942 with an unknown weapon that devastated many of the cities heavily populated cities in Switzerland the other main neutral powers, other than Spain with its pro-Hitler government, met in Ireland. After long drawn out discussions they all agreed that after the unexpected invasion of another neutral power they had to rally together in case of an attack by the Nazis, or if it came to it, the Allies. And on October 30 1942 the Alliance of Dublin was drawn up, or the NCA. This stated that in the case of an invasion by either an Axis power or an Allied power all four of the countries would enter the war as their own 'side' and would fight whoever dared attack them. While Douglas Hyde, the President of Ireland, Per Albin Hansson, the Prime Minister of Sweden, and António Óscar Fragoso Carmona the President of Portugal all signed the document without any hesitation, it seemed that Mustafa İsmet İnönü, the President of Turkey wasn't happy with signing it as he already had a peace treaty with Hitler, and feared Hitler would be offended by this new alliance. But with enough support from the other three leaders he signed it, grudgingly.

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