Neu Prussenstadt

Coordinates: 59°57′N 30°19′E
Neu Prußenstadt (German: New Prussia-City) is the Capital City of the Nazi Client State of Ostland, formerly the Baltic and Belorussian SSRs. Neu Prußenstadt was founded in 1
SPB Izaakkathedraal

Saint Isaac's Cathedral, a Neu Prußenstadt landmark.

943 by German Settlers, funded by the Third Reich, into a settlement within the bombed-out remains of Leningrad (which it was intended to replace).


Neu Prußenstadt is situated on the middle taiga[1]lowlands along the shores of the Neva Bay of the Gulf of Finland, and islands of the river delta. The largest are Prußen-insel Island, Schwaben-insel, Bayern-insel, and Heßen-insel.


The Majority of the German Settlers were former soldiers and citizens of Dresden. Because of the heavy prescence Dresden residents, Neu Prussenstadt is sometimes jokingly referred to as East Dresden.

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