PMII Flag of Neu Berlin

Flag of the Dominion of Neu Berlin

Neu Berlin, officially the United Antillian Reich, is a nation on the Antillian continent with a population of eighty million people. Neu Berlin peacefully received its Dominion status after the Great German War and became the true successor state to the Reich after the Second Great German War. Neu Berlin would come to encompass many other nations on the continent and achieved Scrunifest Destiny in 1895 in the union with Kasodani. The United Reich was created in 1877 to create a new nation that included all the separate realms, such as Kanada, River Lakota, and other such states. However, the world still refers to the Reich collectively as Neu Berlin. Today, Neu Berlin has arguably the most powerful presence on the Antillian continent, with grand levels of urbanization, militarization, and industrialization. The city of Neu Berlin, comprised of the islands of Manhattan, Lange Islen, and Klien Islen, as well as the mainland territories of Kaiserstadt, Unsendorfich, and Nordenwald, is the most urbanized city in the Western Hemisphere and the capital of the nation. Neu Berlin has sixteen provinces.



PMII Neu Berlin Provinces

1: Cree 2: Eriksmark 3: Algonquia 4: Halbinsel Nord 5: Halbinsel Sud 6: Myami 7: Nye Norge 8: Neu Berlin 9: Erokee

  1. Neu Berlin (Stierstadt)
  2. Nye Norge (Nye Norge Stad)
  3. Myami (Aegila)
  4. Eriksmark (Erikstadt)
  5. Halbinsel Sud (Frakik)
  6. Halbinsel Nord (Junkerstadt)
  7. Erokee (Tagnveta)
  8. Algonquia (Mecklenburg)
  9. Cree (Leinkar)
  10. Vinland (Vinland)
  11. Nya Georgia (Gans Bucht)

Federal Districts (BB)

  1. Neu Berlin


  1. Neu Germanica


Prime Minister

  1. Heinrich Ritz (1788 - 1800)
  2. Ludwig Justoff - Karlton (1800 - 1813)
  3. Franz van der Laan (1813 - 1824)

The office of Prime Minister was abolished in 1824 when the Hohenzollerns and the Reichstag fled to Neu Berlin. The former Chancellor of Germanica become the interim Prime Minister after van der Laan voluntarily stepped down for him. After the mainland was conquered by the hated "South Germans" of Bavaria and Saxony, the Neu Berlin and Germanic Reichstags officially combined, with the former Germanic Kaiser becoming Kaiser of Neu Berlin and the Germanic Chancellor the Chancellor of Neu Berlin.


  1. Heinrich Himmler (1825 - )


  1. Friedrich X, Kaiser of the lands of Neu Berlin and Georgia, Kaiser-in-exile of the Germanic Reich.


Neu Berlin Mark PMII
The official currency of Neu Berlin is the Neu Berliner mark, which derives its name from the Germanic Mark. The mark is not equivalent to any currency globally, and is worth 1.22 Germanic marks. The mark was the first system that used a decimal system.

Coinage of the Neu Berliner mark

  • .01 marks
  • .02 marks
  • .05 marks
  • .10 marks
  • .15 marks
  • .25 marks
  • .50 marks
  • .75 marks
  • 1.00 marks
  • 2.00 marks
  • 5.00 marks
  • 7.00 marks
  • 10.00 marks
  • 15.00 marks
  • 20.00 marks
  • 25.00 marks
  • 40.00 marks
  • 50.00 marks
  • 75.00 marks
  • 100.00 marks


The coinage of the mark is made out of nickel, copper, zinc, aluminum, and tin.

OTL Equivalents


  • Neu Berlin (city): New York City
    • Manhattan (district of Neu Berlin): Manhattan
    • Lange Islen (district of Lange Islen): Long Island
      • ​Sud Konigsland: Brooklyn
      • Nord Konigsland: Queens
      • Ostlichkongisland: Nassau and Suffolk counties
    • Klien Islen (district of Klien Islen): Staten Island
    • Kaiserstadt (county of Kaiser Wilhelm's Land): Bronx
    • Unsendorfich (county of Unsendorfich): West New York and Bayonne (in OTL New Jersey)
    • Nordenwald (county of Nordenwald): Westchester County
  • Neu Berlin (province): pretty much New York State, with New Jersey, and excluding Iroquois territory
    • ​Stierstadt: Trenton, New Jersey
  • Nye Norge: Pennsylvania
    • ​Nye Norge Stad: Philadelphia
  • Myami: Ohio
    • ​Aegila: Cincinatti
  • Eriksmark: territory around the Hudson and James Bays
    • ​Erikstadt: nowhere in particular
  • Halbinsel Sud: Lower Peninsula of Michigan
    • ​Frakik: Detroit
  • Halbinsel Nord: Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Wisconsin
    • ​Junkerstadt: Marquette
  • Erokee: Iroquois territory
    • Tagnveta: Niagara Falls area
  • Algonquia: Erie peninsula and everything up to Eriksmark
    • Mecklenburg: Toronto
  • Cree: Mostly the Swampy Cree territory
    • Leinkar: Thomspon, Manitoba
  • Vinland: Newfoundland
    • Vinland: St. John, Newfoundland
  • Nye Georgia: Labrador
    • Gans Bucht: Goose Bay, Labrador


  • Heinrich Ritz: resembles Alexander Hamilton for the most part
  • Ludwig Justoff - Karlton: think George Clinton without the wig
  • Franz van der Laan: George Washington


Until the late 1820s, Neu Berlin's primary ethnic group was the Germanic one. However, following the conquest of Germanica and its lands, people began to flow in from several other territories. The current population of 15 million contains 62% Germanic, 20% Hindu and Indian, 10% Antilian and Atlantian natives, 3% Slavic, 3% native Orientalians and Africans, and 2% Middle Eastern. Refugees from all defeated countries of the world (except the false Germanic Reich, Orissa, Italia, and Ethiopia) are always welcome in the burgeoning Neu Berlin, a haven for the righteous and a hater of the evil.

International relations


  • Gang Empire
  • Germany
  • Mayan Empire


  • Russia


  • Equalism and socialism

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