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External Prefecture of Netochi
Netochi Prefecture
AnthemAnthem of Netochi
Royal anthemKimigayo
Administrative center浦塩斯徳 市 Vladivostok
Official languages Japanese
Recognised regional languages Russian
Siberian Tartar
Chinese Languages
Demonym Siberian
Government External Territory and Prefecture of the Empire of Japan
 •  Emperor Akihito
 •  Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
 •  Governor Igor Pushkaryov
Currency Japanese Yen
Time zone Central Netochi Time (CNT) (UTC+10:00), Western Netochi Time (WNT) (UTC+9:00), East Netochi Time (ENT) (UTC+11:00), Karafuto Standard Time (KST) (UTC+12:00)
Drives on the right

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