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Netherlands Antilles
Nederlandse Antillen
Timeline: Great Nuclear War

OTL equivalent: West Indies Federation, Guyana
Flag of the Netherlands Antilles (1959-1986) Coat of arms of the Netherlands Antilles (1964-1986)
Flag Coat of Arms
Kingdom of the Netherlands in its region (Caribbean special)
Map of the Netherlands Antilles

Libertate unanimus (Dutch)
("United in Freedom")

Anthem "Het Wilhelmus"
(and largest city)
Other cities Kralendijk, Oranjestad, Philipsburg
  others English and Papiamento
Christiany and Protestant Christiany
  others Atheism and Judaism
Ethnic Groups
Dutch European, Dutch Antillean and African
  others Creole peoples and other European peoples
Demonym Netherlands Antillean
Government Federal Parliamentary Republic
  legislature Estates of the Netherlands Antilles
President Efraïn Jonckheer
Prime Minister Cola Debrot
Area 999 km²
Population 250.000 
Currency Netherlands Antillean guilder

The Dutch Antilles (Dutch: Nederlandse Antillen; Papiamentu: Antia Hulandes) is a sovereign federal republic in the Caribbean.


After contact was lost with the mainland Netherlands, little politically changed. Unlike its French and British neighbours, it was a constituent nation, not a colony, meaning that it was able to adapt better. Even today, the Netherlands Antilles still legally claim to be part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Despite this, over the first few months after the Great Nuclear War, the Estates granted itself more and more powers, essentially becoming a sovereign state. At the same time, it began stronger control over the economy, whilst devolving many powers.

Member States

The Netherlands Antilles is made up of four states:

Flag of Aruba Aruba

Flag of Curaçao Curaçao

Flag of Bonaire Bonaire

Flag of Sint Maarten Sint Maarten

Flag of Sint Eustatius Sint Eustatius

Flag of Saba Saba

International Relations

The Netherlands Antilles has good relations with both the French Community and the West Indies Federation. It also experiences extremely strong ties with fellow Dutch-speaking Suriname.

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