Nerva II
73rd Roman Emperor

Yorkish Roman Coinage.jpg
Coinage of Nerva Ariovistus
Reign 24 February 1142 - 30 April 1145
Predecessor Arminius I
Successor Hypocoris
Spouse Janae Ariovistus
Full name
Arminius Gotha Ermanaric
(to ascension)

Ermanaric Arminius Nerva Ariovistus Augustus (as Emperor)

Father Arminius I (alleged)
Born 17 November 1113
Died 30 April 1145 (aged 31)
Nerva II (Latin: Ermanaric Arminius Nerva Ariovistus Augustus; 17 November 1113 - 30 April 1145), commonly known as Nerva Ariovistus, was Roman Emperor from 1142 to 1145.

Born in April of 1113 to unknown parents (some have argued that Arminius I was his father), Nerva is known to have been a relative to Arminius, and belonged to the same mercenary band of soldiers that joined him during his march on Rome to overthrow the Emperor Herminus. As a sickly child, he was often unfit for fighting in field, and after Arminius' usurpation of power in the Capital, and his proclamation of Emperor, Nerva retired quickly from the military to join his relative in administering the Empire. In 1131, three years after Arminius took power, Nerva was declared heir to the Empire, a position heavily expected to go towards Hypocoris, another relative (brother) to the Emperor and general of the Legio III Gallica.

Following Arminius death in 1142, Nerva took the power within the nation, continuing his predecessor's anti-interventionist policies, and even handing a portion of administrative power over to the Senate. Seen as a weak Emperor, he was constantly harassed by generals and governors due to his Germanic background, and his inability to stop the influx of migrations within the Empire from outside it's borders. Little more is noted about Emperor Nerva Ariovistus during his reign (the majority of historical detail being written almost ten years later), and his young death remains a mystery to this day (most considered him to be assassinated by Hypocoris after he was chosen as Nerva's successor in 1144).

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