Neotemplars - Warriors of Holy Cross

Founded: 1987 - Caucas, 1990 - Poland
Ideology: Christian conservativism, catholicism, templarism, ultranationalism, White supremacy, panslavism
Leader: Zbygnew Grozinsky
Major regions: Worldwide

10,000 (Caucasian War, 1988)

7,000 (Texasan War, 2001)

5,400 (NAU invasion, 2003)

7,900 (WMD attack, 2008)

Status: Active

Texas Christian Republic, Spain Catholic State, Eritrean regime, North American Union, many european terrorist organisations

Political party: National Christian Front (half-legal in Poland)

Neotemplars - Warriors of Holy Cross, was born during turbulent years in 1985 - 1991. During this years, communist and atheist regimes in Eastern Europe collapsed and then collapsed even Soviet Union. Many young, undereducated and frustrated men from pious christian families in Caucas (esp. Armenia and Georgia) and Eastern Europe (Poland and Hungary), became radical militants and they found their way of life in fanaticism and radicalism.

The truth is, NWHC is nothing more then proxy intelligence organisation created by CIA in 1986, as their last big operation against Soviets and communists. CIA collapsed in 1992, during 2nd American Civil War and NWHC became dark legacy of this intelligence group.

First actions of NWHC were in Caucasian War, during Red Army liquidation of catholic protesters in Georgia and attack of Russian Special Forces against civilians. NWHC formed local militia to defend civilians against Russian Army atrocities and became very popular. During Caucasian War, NWHC lost 489 members and killed 155 Soviet troops and officers.

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