In 1999 the Soviet Union begun collapsing. A coup d'etat established a new Commonwealth of Independent States in its place. The US and NATO intervened seeing the chance to achieve sole dominance in the world stage. Instead a devastating nuclear middle-scale exchange and war lead both countries to back down. All across the world countries split into city-states.

The neutral Mediterranean nations which had left NATO were not struck. As such their city-states had untouched technology and infrastructure. Most used the weakness of their neighbors to carve out new borders.

Such was also the case of the New Hellenic City-States.

The Hellenic Republic annexed considerable amounts of land from nearby countries before splitting into 17 city-states. These are:

The Attic State (also called the Attican State), encompassing Athens and most of the former Hellenic Republic's major assets making it the strongest New Hellenic City State.

The Peloponnesean Confederacy. A Confederacy of Peloponnesean regions with the exception of Ileia and Achaia. Despite their internal differences they bound together for their common interests. Seeks to protect itself from Attic expansionism.

The Achaio-Illeian Commonwealth, a Federation made up of Achaia and Illeia. Controls Patra the nation's 3rd largest city and many other major trade ports. Has a rivalry with the Peloponnesean Confederacy.

The Euboian Triumvirate, compromising of Euboia and its nearby islands. A self sufficient state and a bitter rival of Attica, on the defensive due to Attic Military and Diplomatic Hegemony.

The Central Hellenic Republic, made up of the parts of Central Greece that have not broken away or been annexed by the Attic State. A mostly neutral and somewhat weak state. Allied with its neighbor to the west.

The Western Continental Hellenic Republic. The Central Hellenic Republic's stronger brother state controls major trade ports. Has a love-hate relationship with the Achao-Illeian Commonwealth. Somewhat stronger that its brother to the east but still not comparable to Attica or Macedon.

The Septinsular Republic. Probably the oldest modern Hellenic State, existing even before the Hellenic Republic. A former colony of Venice, France, Russia and Britain the federation of seven islands has an advanced culture and technological capabilities to make up for its small population and size.

The Thessalian Commonwealth, the nation's major agricultural centre. Strictly neutral and with a small numbered but well trained and disciplined as well as decently equipped militarily.

The Epirot Commonwealth. Made up of South a the recently reclaimed North Epirus the Epirot Confederacy easily rivals Macedon, equipping and protecting West Macedon. A strong and important nation that retains a neutral and peaceful stance despite its obvious militarism.

The West Macedonian Republic. Claimed by the Macedonian Republic to its east, while it does accept its Macedonian it prefers to keep its independence. This creates tension and were it not for its protection by Epirus it would already have been annexed. Though this might lead northern Greece to war very soon.

The Macedonian Republic. A militarist and expansionist nation ,rival of Athens and Epirus down to the core, aggressive against West Macedon and Thrace, currently number two in Greece's political scene and trying to become number one at all costs. Conquered lands from FYROM to the north mercilessly attacking the nation.

The Thracian Confederacy. Made up of lands from Western, Southern, Northern and Eastern Thrace and populated almost solely by Greeks to repopulation and expansion programs. It's the largest but not the strongest New Hellenic City State. While its inhabitants are laid back and loosely connected they do not accept outside interference and their guerrilla tactics are legendary.

The Iono-Aelonian Commonwealth. Compromising of the North Aegean Islands and lands of Ionia and Aeolia liberated from the severely weakened Turkey, the Commonwealth is peaceful, neutral and democratic focused on trade and loosely united. Its fleet however is strong and it successfully protects its lands from Hellenic States and Barbarians alike.

The Carian Republic. While Ionian in culture, just like the West Macedon-Macedon situation it prefers to be independent. It does get along with its northern brothers however, though trade rivalries between the two are well known. Also the unclear borders of the ancient regions within ancient Ionia cause border disputes from time to time.

The Dodecanesean Republic. Also having experienced Venician, Genoan and Italian colonialism it's very similar to the Septinsular Republic though in the Agean. Small border disputes with Caria.

The Cretan State. Made up of the nation's largest island, Crete, it's a peaceful but relatively powerful and self sufficient state, preferring to stay out of mainland politics though sometimes in tension with Attics, Dodecaneseans and Peloponeseans alike.

The Cycladic Confederacy. Neutral though in border disputes with Attica from time to time as well as very friendly to Attica. Otherwise it's made up of the majority of Greek islands in the Aegean. Focused on trade.

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