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Neo-Carthaginian Republic

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After the Medieval Era when North Africa divided from the Carthaginian Empire into several small runt countries and the North African countries were torn into war and damaged economies . After that the country states on the Sinai Peninsula came together and formed the New Carthaginian Empire under the leader ship of Khaba the Conqueror. This great conqueror came and conquered the Neo-Egyptian Kingdom and soon spread onward to more of North Africa. His goal was to recreate the Carthaginian Empire back in its glory days. His great-great grandson was the last emperor of this new Carthage. After this many rebellions ocurred and great weakened the Great-great-great grandson's reign. During this period known as the Carthaginian Failing period many new governments appeared in Egypt, Libya, and Northern Arabia. Civil war was erupting throughout the country. Haphesthis II of New Carthage lead a loyal army in the area of Judea while the capital of New Carthage was being held by the general Mago Skereq. Eventually Haphesthis II of the First Dynasty of New Carthage was captured and held in jail and then poisoned by a fellow jailer. The General Mago, also died later that year in the battle of the people in where the people loyal to Haphesthis II arose and finally set up a republic of Neo Carthage that contained the territories of Sinai, Judea, East Egypt, and Northern Arabia.



Foreign Policy

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