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Neo-Byzantine Empire
Βασιλεία Ῥωμαίων
OTL equivalent: Western Turkey with Bits of Northern Greece
New Flag of the Byzantine Empire Galaguerra1 first version Byzantine Eagle
Flag Coat of Arms
Byzantium Kingdom
From Colonzation as in 2012

("Imperium Romanum")

(and largest city)
Other cities Nikaia, Heraclea, Hadrianopolis
Language Greek
Religion Greek Orthodox Church ('Byzantinam' Orthodox Church) 82%, Non-Religious 10%, (Sunni) Islam 7%, Turkish Orthodox Church 3%
Ethnic Groups
Main Greeks (Both Original Greeks and Neo-Byzantine Greeks/Greeco-Romans or Eastern Romans)
  others Turkish, Arabic, Albanians
Government Semi-Autocratic Single-Party Absolute Monarchy with Orthodox Thocratic elements
Emperor of Neo-Byzantine Empire Constantinople Zeus I
Established July 21, 1977 (As Nation of Constantinople)

September 6, 1977 (Renamed into Neo-Byzantine Empire)

Independence from City State of Istanul
Currency Byzantine Drachma
Organizations Greek Orthodox Church
It revived nation of once Byzantine Empire from Greek Colonists from far south. It got some Greek colonist take Istanbul city-state as New Capital of Colony of Athens since 1976.

History of Neo-Byzantine Empire

Reviving the Byzantine Empire under Neo (1977-1978)

In 1977, The Orthodox Patriarch re-announced the City State of Istanbul as Constantinople from Ruins of Turkey and Ottoman Empire from 600+ years ago and declare the First Emperor Constantinople Zeus I.

Re-Colonization on Western Turkey later renamed Neo-Byzantine territories and unintended conversion of Turkish people into Orthodoxy (1978-1991)



Neo-Byzantine Greeks are Majority being to Greek (Byzantinam) Orthodoxy as been semi-Theocratic nation since foundation.

Sunni Islam were majority since 1500's until WW3 as some of Turkish people were mostly secular with moderate Islamist view and Neo-Ottoman ideology in some areas of once of Turkey. Put until Greek settlers come Istanbul a mostly Sunni city with borderline racial Neo-Ottoman policy like keep killing Orthodox minority, Attempts Islamized few Greeks.

After Reformation of 'Neo-Byzantine Empire' that few Turkish people start privately converted themselves into originally Greek Orthodoxy until Greek Orthodox Patriarch found about it in 1980's, So as Turkish praised The Greek Patriarch as their holy leader as Patriarch announce them leaving it put other hand he decided to Create an new Orthodox Church with Turkish-style architecture for Turkish only members in Turkish majority areas.


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