The Nemiscau Conference was a meeting in 1876 between the states of Hamburg, Borealia, Algonquia, Reme, and Mexaca for the purpose of settling the dispute of the future of Belize. It was hosted by the High Sachem in Nemiscau, where all the parties involved could come and discuss their differences. Reme, however, although being a major instigator in the dispute, decided not to attend.

Working Proposals

UGK Proposal (revised)

  • The Mexacan side of the border will be de-militarized.
  • Mexaca will renounce claims to Belize.
  • The New Munich pact will recognize Belize as an integral part of the United German Kingdoms.
  • Belize will be given autonomy over local affairs, whilst remaining a UGK overseas province.
  • Belize will hold a referendum in the 1880 general elections to decide if they will join the New Munich Pact.
    • Borealia would accept this proposal if the local government of Belize was a parliament (making the referendum a Mod event, not your event)
    • Algonquia agrees with Borealia, but adds the additional condition that both sides of the border be demilitarized (although Hamburg could, of course, maintain whatever forces it wished within the colony otherwise) to prevent the immediate recurrence of these tensions. Alternatively, troops from Algonquia or another neutral nation could maintain peace along the border.
    • The United German Kingdoms will grant special powers to Belize, but the government will still be subservient to Hamburg. The referendum will be for Belize to join the New Munich Pact as a mere observer. The Hamburgian side of the border will remain militarized so long as Mexaca has its army mobilized.
    • Mexaca cannot be reasonably expected to demilitarize its side of the border while the Hamburgian side remains militarized; perhaps both sides could demilitarize simultaneously.
    • Mexaca is the aggressor in this situation, when those who have seemed it prudent to disregard the territorial sovereignty of another state, simply because their capital is in another continent, then Hamburg will demilitarize.
    • Mexaca will demilitarize first, but a peace-keeping force on behalf of New Munich will remain on the border until Hamburg withdraws its forces. Belize will be subservient to Empress Mary, but maintain their own legislature.
    • Algonquia will support this proposal, assuming Belize's status is as described by Borealia.
    • The UGK delegates agree to the demilitarization points, but assert that Belize's local Government will be given broader powers than currently, though remain directly subservient to the UGK Parliament and Crown. i.e., an autonomous province.
    • Algonquia agrees to this proposal, and recommends a mutual recognition of sovereignty over their current territories by the UGK and New Munich Pact to prevent further conflict.
    • the UGK will be willing to a mutual recognition.
      • In light of the 1880 referendum, where 82% of voters rejected NMP membership, the UGK now requests that the NMP pressure Mexaca to begin demilitarizing its side of the border. When 30% of Mexacan troops have been withdrawn, the UGK will begin withdrawing its own.

Algonquian Proposal

  • Belize will become a semi-autonomous dominion of Hamburg, with some self-government.
  • The Belizean-Mexacan border will be demilitarized.
  • All members of the New Munich Pact will recognize Belize's political status and autonomy.
  • Semi-autonomous Belize will join the New Munich Pact, but remain subject to its obligations as part of the UGK.
    • Borealia throws its support to this proposal.

Mexacan Proposal

  • The UGK will leave Belize.
  • Mexaca will be given control of Belize.
  • This will be accepted by the New Munich Pact,

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