Colony of New Bavaria
Kolonie der Nei Baiern
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Katharinas-Hafen
Largest city Katharinas-Hafen
Other cities Franznacken, Bayreuth
Language Bavaro-German
Western Church
  others Catholicism
Government Colonial/Viceregal Government
  legislature Curia Bavaria
Viceroy Edmund von Jülichsburg
Population 1500 
Established 1577
Organizations Bavarian Borealian Company (Founding)

Holy Roman Empire (By Law)

 New Bavaria (In Bavarian: Nei Baiern) is a Bavarian colony in northwestern Borealia. It was established in 1577 by a group of merchants and settlers apart of the Bavarian Borealian Company (BBC), an economic guild formed in Landshut roughly a decade earlier. The colony is managed by a Viceroy, an office created by the Bavarian Monarchy in 1578, and put into effect the next year when Edmund von Jülich, the first Viceroy, arrived in the capital. The capital itself is the port of Katharinas-Hafen (In English: Catherine's Haven).

Since the office of the Viceroy was created and proclaimed by Queen Catherine, and since the existence of the BBC and ultimate settling of New Bavaria was supported largely by the Bavarian Crown, the colony is very closely tied with the Kingdom of Bavaria. This is in contrast to colonies or settlements founded by joint stock companies, with little connection to a monarchy or government leader. These colonies operate mainly for economic reasons, while New Bavaria was founded for both an expansion of Bavarian presence in Borealia and economic gain.

As of 1580, the colony remains small, and holds only two centralized settlements. The largest settlement and port, as well as colonial seat, is Katharinas-Hafen, with a population of roughly 500. Katharinas-Hafen is situated on the western coast of Wilhelmsbaum, a large island in northwestern Borealia. The second settlement is Franznacken, on the coast of mainland Borealia, south of Katharinas-Hafen. 

Apart from the two settlements, the colony is composed of informal, mini-regions that flank Katharinas-Hafen. These mini-regions are Wilhelmsbaum, Franznacken, Jülichsberg, and Wittelsberg.





Capital: Katharinas-Hafen

Population: 987



Population: 350


Capital: Bayreuth

Population: 177


Capital: None

Population: 89


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