Welcome to the Negotiation Page for Fractured America. The purpose of this page is to simplify negotiations for Fractured America, and its main objectives are:

  1. To try and keep peace between nations in the Fractured America Map Game or
  2. To end costly and bloody wars between nations with fair terms for both parties.


The Independence of Quebec

The United States wants the formation of a new nation or the formation of a Quebecois society. War will occur if needed but the USA wants only Quebec's independence or the creation of a new Quebecois State.


  • United Kingdom: That is a valiant effort for the US to want a freed Quebec, but each time Quebec is "freed" it is always a protectorate of the US. At least twice. That isn't freedom, it's a puppet state. The US needs to be dedicated to not have Quebec under control of the US again and instead have it its own country. But, since Canada won the war fair and square, it's only fair they get part of Quebec before the rest becomes independent, perhaps OTL Newfoundland.
  • I am willing to trade you all of my colonies and allow you to keep Quebec for Quebecois to become a non-protectorate Republic, but I would like to add Newfoundland Island to it. Could we work that out?

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