This is the negotiation page for Explorers 1452 (Map Game). Ceasefires, alliances and trade deals can be bargained here. Remember, first post your proposal on the map game, then post it here second in case of haggling.

If a nation wants an alliance with you, your nation can bargain (example - Portugal wants an alliance with Spain, but Spain will only join if Portugal gives up its land claims in South America.) This is what the page is for.

You must write your proposal under your target nation's space provided below. Example:

  • Empire of Trebizond: We would like to propose an alliance to the Papal States.
  • Papal States: We will only accept an alliance if you cede all African territories to us and grant our merchants trade rights on the Black Sea.
  • Empire of Trebizond: We are afraid we cannot accept the terms. How about if we give you trade rights on the Caspian Sea instead?

If a nation outright rejects your offer and announces they have no further wish to negotiate with you, then please respect your fellow player and do not continue to press the matter.


  • Ottomans: The Pope has turned on you. Will you join us in an alliance against the crusaders, and settle old differences?
  • The Commonwealth: Do not listen to that slithering snake ... remember, they have taken so much away from you ... join the Crusade and we will help you regain your status as an empire.
  • Ottomans: Don't listen to them. Join us and we'll give you back the land that the golden horde took.
  • Florence: The territory you took from Byzantium is not less than 100% of your total territory, Ottoman.

England and Portugal

NOTE: Currently, three colonies of ours have been deemed too costly for our investment, and we wish to offer them to any nation interested. These are:

  • The previously Portuguese colony at Galveston Bay.
  • The small English colony at Monterrey.
  • The two colonies (offered as a package) within the Scottish South American colonies.

Note that the sale of the colonies only includes sovereignty of the lands. The private property of citizens and residences of any UK nobles are to remain in private hands.

  • Empire of Trebizond: We are interested in purchasing both your South American colonies within the Scottish domain. We could use an additional northern outpost to coordinate trade routes with our colony in Florida. Please, name your price. We are the single richest nation in the East, and will weigh out your demands in solid gold if you wish.
  • We offer to purchase the colonies at Monterrey and Galveston Bay and in return, we will give you 12,000 pounds and help set up a colony south of our one in Brazil.
  • England: (To Trebizond): We wish to receive the Florida Keys and the ability for our merchants to trade their goods duty-free in the colonies that we have offered to you, indefinitely. We believe that is a fair price.
  • England: (To Scotland): We already have a prospering colony south of yours located at Recife. However, we will offer you the two colonies plus nominal ownership of the Duchy of Attica in Greece in return for you simply promising that you will no longer expand your colonies in North America along the west coast of the Hudson Bay. Expansion inland is of no consequence to us, but we would like control of at least the entire western coastline some 50 miles inland.
  • Scotland: This sounds like an equitable deal. We accept your offer and may our two proud island nations forever stand tall!
  • Empire of Trebizond: We must reject your offer. The emperor does not wish to have other European empires driving a direct wedge between our territory in Florida and South America. It would put our entire American trade at your mercy, and force our merchants to travel through and pay taxes to your empire just to come and go between our colonies. Sorry, but that would be sheer business capitulation. We cannot discuss it.
  • England: The Florida Keys are mainly to the southwest of your North American colonies. The travel time through English waters would be less than half a day for your merchant ships, and there are relatively few good and viable ports on the west coast of your colonies anyway. You would also have a nice sea lane between the Keys and the mainland under your control; it would be the cheapest route anyway for your merchants. I don't see how that threatens your profits.
  • Empire of Trebizond: That, our dear Englishmen, is the problem. Since our merchant ships would now have to pass through your waters to come and go between our two American colonies, you would now have our entire American trade at your mercy, so you can cut our colonies off from each other and/or cripple our trade route through the Florida Keys if you ever want to force us into doing something for you or going to war. In addition, our colonists passing from South America to Florida would have to pay port tolls to you just to travel back and forth.

  • France: Although France and England have a troubled past, we request help from England in our war with Florence, they have already overextended their forces and if we are victorious, then you shall be given their American possessions.
  • Florence: We also ask you to help us in our war with France. We will give you northern France and the Netherlands if you agree to it, plus trading rights and no tariffs on all of our territory. We will also give you 6,000 gold florins.
  • France: If you assist us then we shall allow British concessions in the French cities of Marseilles, Cherbourg, and Amsterdam. We shall also allow trading rights and no tariffs and pay you 10,000 livres.
  • Florence: Raise our offer to 18,000 florins! And you will also receive our Californian colonies, and a concession over the Italian cities of Ajaccio (Corsica), Lucca (Tuscany) and Prato (Tuscany).
  • France: We raise our offer to 30,000 livres, and offer giving you our colony of Hispaniola, as well a we shall give you an English section in any French city you please, even Paris!
  • Florence: We will raise our offer to 32,000 florins, and we will give you five galleons, filled of as much gold as they can, brought from America. We will also give you a concession of Malacca, our African colonies, and an English section in any Italian city you want! If we are victorious, we will give you not only all of North France and the Netherlands, but Burgundy and Western France too! We will pay tribute of 50 gold florins a day for two years if you agree!
  • Aztecs: We want peace. We don't need any distractions while we're fighting the Irish.
  • North Britain: We apologise wholeheartedly for our predecessors arrogance and greed. Jarl David of the British Northern Republic would like to extend the hand of friendship to our southern friends. We propose a trade agreement that will be to the better for all of us. In return, we ask that we can maintain the cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh.
  • England: I'm afraid that we cannot accept this offer, however tantalizing it is. We fought this most recent war between our two people so that we could retain control over these two cities, and we intend to continue to do so.
  • Hapsburg: Could you apply some "persuasion" to get Ireland out of Germany? It seems obvious that if Ireland controlled the industrial might of the German provinces, then they would be one of the undisputed powers of the European continent, even mightier than yourself. I wonder what Ireland would do with their newfound power? I'll do it - slowly but surely. CrimsonAssassin 19:28, November 5, 2010 (UTC)
  • England: I'm afraid that our relations with the Irish are relatively cordial at this point in time; we do not wish to anger them with threats. Don't worry, that post is so implausible that I doubt anybody is going to let it stand, regardless of any actions taken against it. I think it's just CA trying to counter Lithuania's lofty vision of a united mainland with an even more implausible action.
  • England: Crimson, how can a nation of half a million people who share little to no cultural, linguistic and economic aspects with Germany suddenly have them join up gleefully and continue to maintain stability. Ireland has absorbed more territory in the past twenty years then England did OTL in a few hundred years. With the Irish being more-or-less 5% of the total population of your lands, I don't see how your nation would remain effectively "Irish" for very long. 11 million Europeans who are just as technologically advanced as you are yet have no real allegiance to you but are still under your control will either cause your empire to collapse, become dominated by the Germans, or get you embroiled in a massive civil war. :)

Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

We are a proud united country, we are a mix of different races such Germans, Polish, Lithuanians, Russians, Austrians, you name it. Recent executions of Lutherans under the irish flag have prompted us to create the Religious-Acceptence pact which I believe is uniting Europe despite differences. While the Polish people are the royal servants of the Pope, the rest of us are only loyal to the Commonwealth. But I am afraid recent incidents in the East and West are leading to some division.

  • Muscovy: We request an alliance with Poland-Lithuania.
  • Poland-Lithuania: Friends, we accept your offer and ask if we could create a trade agreement for the better welfare for our people.
  • Muscovy: We agree.
  • Florence: We request help from you in our war against France. We will give you 1500 golden florins if you accept.
  • Muscovy: We must not get caught up in the wars of the west, we must first focus on developing our own prosperity before extending our influence that far.
  • Papal States: Faithful, please note that the Pope has called for the Tenth Crusade. All Catholic nations who rally to this Crusade called on the Ottoman Empire will be financed in their efforts by the Pope, himself. They will be allowed to keep any colonial or other Muslim territory conquered with the exception of Jerusalem itself and the surrounding coastline. The goal of this Crusade is to liberate Jerusalem from haters of Christ, but all other Turkish territories are open for Crusading conquest as well. May God aid us in this holy war!
  • The Commonwealth: Fighting against the Ottomans and the Mamulks would outstretch our resources, we are unsure if this decision is wise but agree to help.
  • Empire of Trebizond: We are neutral in the Tenth Crusade, and you should respect that neutrality by halting the sinking of our ships. Why do you attack vessels with our banner? We carry almost the same flag as the Byzantines of Constantinople. Sooner or later, if you target us specifically, you will sink a Byzantine ship and ruin any chances of them assisting you against the Ottoman Empire.
  • The Commonwealth: We now are only sinking ships that come close to the coast of Bulgaria. Be warned that later in the future we will invade Constantinople and this will cause water traffic. We will warn you in the future.
  • Empire of Trebizond: Message received and understood. We will keep our ships in the eastern Black Sea and away from Bulgaria. However, why are you planning to attack Constantinople, capital of the Byzantines? They are fellow Christians and at odds with the Turks.
  • The Commonwealth: Thank you for reminding us ... this also has risen a new stratgey we can use against the Ottomans. Thank you.
  • Empire of Trebizond: Yes, being native to this area, we are well-informed of current events and have known for several years now that the Ottomans control the region and everything outside of Constantinople, just not the city itself.
  • Hapsburg: Would you be interested in a defensive alliance between the two of us?
  • Hapsburg: I figure you're gone and won't respond to this, but I'm doing it anyway so I don't seem like a jerk. If you don't respond by the time the next turn goes up, I will assume you accepted. Here are my terms:

1. Cede your North American territory to me.

2.Cede Southern Poland to me.

3. Return all the territory you took from the Teutonic Order.

4. Remove all your troops from Bohemia.

These are my terms. Accept them, or war will continue.

  • Empire of Trebizond: The dispute has little to do with Muscovy (Russia) or Japan. It started when Scotland claimed a piece of Chinese territory and colonized it. Scotland kept trying hold on to that tiny piece of territory despite Chinese protests, and so China warned them war might break out. Every nation has been taking sides or forced to by an alliance. It's basically some Western colonial countries against the great Eastern empires. Here is the looming war (Still technically undeclared): Hapsburg Austria, Ireland, and the Republic of Scotland against China, the Ottoman Empire (Turkey), the Mamluk Sultanate of Egypt, and Muscovy (Russia).
  • Hapsburgs: We will be willing to grant you complete independence on the condition that you join in a mutual defensive pact. We will also be keeping Louisiana. Sorry. I am not like my father, who led my people in war against you, and wish to settle all grievances. Do you agree?
  • Poland-Lithuania: We do accept and it was in the first place my ancestors who brought our destruction. All I want is my people to be under one flag while also respecting the ones belong to foreign nations.


  • Ireland: Request Trade Rights.
  • Castile: Accepts.
  • Portugal: Should we come into an alliance?
  • Castille: We accept willingly!

Kalmar Union

  • France: We request help in our fight from the Kalmar Union, not only in the fight against Florence, but in the rising possibility that England may also soon become involved.
  • Portugal: I believe an alliance is needed.
  • Scotland: There is a number of small colonies that don't appear to have any benefit to you. If you will cede these colonies to us, we will cede territory equal to that to you.

Empire of Trebizond

  • Ottomans: we wish for your help in the crusades, we know you are not Muslims but we have helped you in the past and now it is our turn to need help, any help will be rewarded.
  • Empire of Trebizond: We have tried to be as friendly with you as possible, zero Turks, and we resent the idea of the barbaric Latins establishing influence in the East again. However, we cannot lend direct support. Much as we Greeks of Trebizond loathe the Pope and his incomparable greed, the emperor will be unable to send soldiers against our fellow Christians and is busy trying to digest recent conquests. However, you can depend on us for supplies and any additional financial aid or money you may require. To say the least, we will not be happy if the Crusaders interrupt our peaceful business in the Mediterranean Sea with fanatical violence again, as they have done many times in the past.
  • Ottomans: we understand the troop situation, and we thank you for the supplies, friends of old.
  • North Britain We request your aid in a time of tribulation. The English came to our country and stole our wealthy lands and only left after we were forced to give up our most illustrious of cities. Now we take them back and establish the Kingdom of Britain once more. If you help us we shall give you our Dominion of Avalon as well as lowering our tariffs to your products.
  • Empire of Trebizond: It is a serious decision to involve ourselves in a Western European conflict. Seeing how it would be profitable, however, we will grant you weaponry and financial aid. However, the emperor has decided he is not ready to commit himself fully to the war. Should the English endanger your nation's very existence, you can count on our direct aid. But as it stands we have no trouble with England and it is you who are going on the offensive. Thus, we will remain indirectly supportive, but neutral as of now..
  • Mamluks: I accept your conditions, my friend. Both our nations will be richer than ever now. By the way, how would a formal alliance sound?
  • Scotland: Do not turn on us, your Greek brothers! We, the Jarls of Scotland, have been Greek for generations, born of the House of Attica. Why should you, noble bearers of the Byzantine and Roman lines, turn on us, your dynastic brethren?
  • Empire of Trebizond: We are pained to do this, our noble Greek brethren. But we are engaged in a complicated eastern alliance that prevents us from staying out of it. We are bound by oath to fight you in case of war. We warned China about you first so they could find some peaceful way of getting out of it, but apparently they have chosen military hostility. War is truly Hell, with brother against brother. Those from Scotland with gather them, and the great nations of the East shall bury them.
  • Mamluks: Greetings, my Greek friend. I was just wondering if your mighty ( and not to mention vast) empire would like to join my Sultanate, the Ottomans, the Chinese, and the Russians in a five way alliance. If you would, then Asia, except for a few European colonies, would truly be united in the most powerful alliance in history.
  • Mamluks: I ask again, will you join the great Eastern Alliance?
  • Empire of Trebizond: We are already allies with Muscovy, but we shall not enter directly into a five-way alliance. Even though we regard the Turks, Chinese, and your people with the greatest respect and friendship, we want to make it our own personal decision to help you in a war, not be forced to do so by such an alliance. We hope you will understand.

Papal States

The Pope wishes to note that Calvinism is a heresy and MUST be stamped out. However, Lutherans are welcome to compromising with the Catholic Church and reforming it.

  • Ireland: Is there any way we can help in a war or setting up colonies or funding anything?
  • Papal States: Blessings be upon you, faithful Irishmen. The Pope currently has all the gold he needs, but we are launching a Crusade against the Mamluk Egyptians in Libya. If you will collect and send troops to aid us in this war and the Crusade to liberate Libya succeeds, the Pope may reward you with territory in North Africa and money for your new government.
  • Ireland: We are most grateful. The IRA will be happy to be working alongside the Knight's Templar!
  • France: We request an anti-Florentine pact with the mighty Papal States, they are our common enemy and may soon bring us to war, but none can do so alone.
  • Papal States: The Pope is concerned with the growth of Florentine power, but not quite ready for open warfare just yet. Should our Florentine brothers attempt any significant military aggression against your people or another Christian nation, we will ally ourselves with you. A warning, however: privately, we do not believe Florence can be trusted. Our advice: Do not enter into an alliance with them.
  • Poland-Lithuania: Dear friends, we come to support thee against the Muslim devils. They pose a threat to Europe and we ask for an trade agreement so that we may support your economy. We are sending weapons, food, and medical equipment to you, they should arrive soon and I hope that by then your nation will not have failed at its great crusade..
  • Papal States: May the Saints bless you and keep you, faithful Christians! The Pope has agreed to your trade agreement. We have suffered much in our war against the Mamluks, and we need all the assistance you can offer.
  • Ireland: We've captured Libya's capital. We will build a church and install a priest/bishop if we can get some reinforcements to keep the Libyans under control.
  • Papal States: The Knights of the Vatican and the Order of St. John are at your disposal for holding the Libyan capital. They will re-inforce your armies there. Once all of Libya has been captured from the Egyptians, the Pope will be willing to discuss your rewards for participating in the Crusade.
  • Florence: We ask you not to participate on the war between France and us.
  • Papal States: Dear Florentine brothers, the Pope has observed that France has been goading your nation into war intentionally, but the church has also taken into consideration that it was a war originally provoked by your colonists, and should have been prevented. Currently, the Pope is busy with the Crusade against the Muslims, but be warned: He does not favor that you have an army on his border as if to stab his earthly state in the back.
  • Florence: As long as you don't assure us of the Pope's neutrality on the war, your Earthly terrain will be under Florentine blockade.
  • Papal States: Florentine brothers, the Pope is losing patience with you. Remove your ships from our ports, as our people are suffering. The decision of Papal neutrality is one for the Pope, Christ's vicar on Earth, to make with the council of cardinals. Once we have achieved a result for our Crusade against Egypt, we will decide. Until then, respect our neutrality.
  • Ireland: Libya has fallen and the blockade is gone. Thank our Lord in Heaven for guerrilla tactics!
  • Florence: Our new Doge, Piero de' Lorenzo, apologizes for his father's brutish behaviour.
  • Papal States: The Pope warmly accepts the apology and is willing to let bygones be bygones. However, you may be required to cede some European land to the French. Personally, the Pope recommends Corsica, so you can avoid having to give up any traditional Italian mainland to another nation.
  • Florence: We ask if we might continue in a crusade against the Aztecs. If you give us permission, we will make no truce with those heathens.
  • Papal States: Exterminate them! Since it is you calling the Crusade and not us, the church will assist you. The Pope has agreed to send you reinforcements and grants you permission to keep any territory you conquer. Spare no pagan unless he converts to the true faith, and destroy all their places of worship.
  • Ireland: No. Stay out of my way, or I'll have the Aztec ruler's head AND the Doge's head on a pike.
  • England: This "Doge" that you speak of may also be known as His Holiness the Pope. I had thought that such a devout nation such as yourself would never dare disrespect His representative on Earth.
  • Papal States: No offense is taken. The Irish are simply referring to the Doge of Florence. For the war, we don't see why two Catholic nations of the same Faith are so bitter about who gets to keep pagan territory. As of now, the Pope withdraws himself from the matter. Florence and Ireland will have to decide about that themselves without Papal meddling. We have had enough of involving ourselves in such trivial political quibbling.
  • Ireland: I was talking about the Doge of Florence. Piero de' Lorenzo. I respect the Pope highly. I was saying that I don't want Florence in on the goodies. Besides, you should talk, England. You broke from the Church and came back when we saved you.
  • England: Errr ..... The Anglican Church won't exist for another 60 years. we're still Catholic.
  • Ireland: YOU'RE LOOKING INTO THE FUTURE! WITCH! Just kidding.
  • England: "And if she floats ..."

"She's a witch! A witch! Burn her!"

Ahh ... Monty Python ...

  • Ireland: I love Monty Python!
  • Florence: Monty Python hasn't been invented yet, you future-seers. You're seeing almost 500 years into the future! And then they tell me that druids are dead on Britannia ...

England: They live! Muhahahahaaaa!!

  • Florence: Pagan! future seer! witch! Burn! Burn! BURN!!
  • Poland-Lithuania Commonwealth: We are preparing our navy and troops to help Crusades. We wish to join along with your forces and retake the Holy Lands (Israel), do you accept? This attack would relieve your troops in Libya and outstretch there resources.
  • Florence: The Ninth Crusade! A last attack is surely needed upon the Mideast. The Mamluks are becoming too powerful!
  • Poland-Lithuania: Indeed! This final attack will allow us to retake Jerusalem, which will raise morale.
  • England: King Henry wishes to remind the Doge that Judea is currently within Ottoman territory, not Mamluk.
  • Florence: Therefore, we have to break an old and prestigious alliance. Well, an alliance with the Muslims does not matter. But might I be given the Ottoman American colonies and Mamluk India if we start this crusade? We have territorial ambitions over the ports. This promise would assure our full help and further financing that what we are forced to by the peace treaty.
  • Papal States: The Pope will finance personally any Crusade launched against Jerusalem, so your nation on that Crusade will not have to pay for it. If it is successful against the Turks, the Papacy will want to be granted the city itself and the surrounding coastline in order to restore the old Kingdom of Jerusalem as a state of the church. All nations who participated in the Crusade will be given trade rights there and may keep any other territory conquered from the Muslim infidels, American colonies included.
  • Florence: May you declare the Ninth Crusade, please? They have rejected our ultimatum, and we wish to declare war.
  • Papal States: The Pope has called for the Tenth Crusade. There are now ten (three against Palestine, one against the stiff-necked and heretic Byzantine Empire, four against Tunis and Egypt, and one against Libya). All Catholic nations who rally to this Crusade called on the Ottomans will be financed in their efforts by the Pope himself. They will be allowed to keep any colonial or other Muslim territory conquered with the exception of Jerusalem itself and the surrounding coastline. The goal of this Crusade is to liberate Jerusalem from haters of Christ, but all other Turkish territories are open for Crusading conquest as well. May God aid us in this holy war!
  • England: Merciful Father, the Scots and the Irish have betrayed the Kingdom of God by attacking our realm without provocation and while we were engaged in the most holy war against the pagan Muslims. We wish to settle this conflict peaceably, as all good Christians should. Could you intercede on our behalf?
  • Papal States: The Irish seem to have been gracious enough and seek peace. The Pope sees no problem there and hopes for the conflict to be quickly amended. However, the Papacy will pour out its wrath on Scotland unless they withdraw from their English neighbors by the next year.
  • Florence: We have an incipient map about how may the Fertile Crescent look after the Crusades. Also, help is on it's way for Jerusalem!
  • England: Don't forget Goshen or Cyprus!
  • Papal States: Ambitious proposals, blessed Florentines and Englishmen. May God grant us the victory over the Turkish fools! You Florentines should be allowed the right to elect your own nobles over the Edessa, Tripoli, and Antioch. The Pope will elect a cardinal from Rome to personally manage the Kingdom of Jerusalem, and Mecca itself will be turned into a Papal State to spit in the faces of the Muslim heathen! Egypt can be shared as an international territory for all Christendom, as Ireland, Florence, and Castile have all contributed to conquering it. The 'Duchy of Greece' you proposed is particularly intriguing. Perhaps there we can re-establish the Latin Empire of old to keep a watchful eye on the stiff-necked Greeks of Constantinople.
  • Florence: We thank you for your offer! The Duchy of Greece is only a state coming from Ottoman Europe, and the coast of Anatolia. We agree to all of your ideas, but what do you think about the recently-founded Kingdom of Aram?
  • Papal States: Aram's administration, being on the fringes of Eastern Christendom, should be shared between the Papacy and you, the Florentines. We could supply a bishop of Aram for converting the local population, and a cardinal to manage the lesser affairs of the state. You, in turn, could elect your own king to rule Aram, and both of our nations will share military responsibility for defending it against attack.
  • Ireland: Gentlemen, congratulations. However, I would like to bring forth an issue: Mecca is unholy ground. We should destroy it!
  • Florence: Then the cardinal is lucky, Your Holiness! We will not start converting the Aramaic and Arabs into Catholicism from nothing. The Chaldean Catholic Church, a church under your most holy command, already has a bishop in Babylon, proclaimed, although not controlled, capital of Aram! The only thing you would have to do is that, as soon as we conquer southern Mesopotamia, you turn the bishop into a cardinal! About Mecca... Although it is an unholy ground, it is true that we could conserve the Kaaba and it's mosque standing. Turn it into a cathedral, and the Muslims will see the horror of making their most holy place of worship into a cathedral!
  • Papal States: Exactly what we were thinking. However, the Pope has insisted that the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem be destroyed. The Word clearly states, 'suffer not a witch to live', and the Imams of Jerusalem with their godless astrology and Eastern witchcraft (Fine Muslims they are) must be stamped out. There is not to be one stone left standing upon another where the mosque was. It has been defiled by strange cults, Greek heresies, and now Islam! The Papal forces have orders to strip the mosque of all that is valuable. They are to slaughter every one inside and tear it down, foundations included. The priests of Islam will be dragged out and beheaded in sight of the people after being beaten from the city. We will show them who their real masters are. The Muslims will be subject to the horrors of sack, rape and pillage for three days as they did to Christian Acre. However, Jews and Christians, Greeks, Armenians, and Syrians alike, are to be spared, at least for the time being. The Pope will most likely reserve a certain section of the Levant for these people to dwell.
  • Ottomans: we are wary of this war, what do want in exchange of stopping and leaving us alone.
  • Ireland: I do not think we should rape any Muslims. Just because they raped our women, does that mean that it's okay to rape THEIR women (who probably have crabs anyway)? As rape is a sin, it also leads to other horrors. If that woman has a child, he/she will be taught that a Christian soldier raped his mother and therefore will hate us.
  • Papal States: My dear Irishmen, we hope you did not take that term literally. The Pope would never encourage such an openly evil and unnecessary sin. We used it here as another word for sack, similar to the way we used 'pillage'. We will rape the city, not the women of the city.
  • Ireland: Rejoice, O Lord's representative on Earth! Mecca is under Christian control! We are discussing the terms of their surrender of the rest of their lands now!
  • Papal States: You will receive half of Ottoman Africa if they agree to our terms, as well as any Pacific islands near India. It is not right for you to get all of Turkish South Africa if the Florentines are already there fighting for it, and have been for at least four years now. We will also give you southeastern Arabia. Arabia will be divided up as follows: Florentine administration: Southwestern Arabia. Irish administration: The rest of southern Arabia. Under the Pope's direct supervision: Mecca itself and the surrounding territory. As you have participated much in this Crusade, Ireland, we will reward you further. You can settle Jerusalem and elect your own bishop there. We will also grant you a sum of 1000 golden ducats as a gift to your government, in addition to some of the loot taken from Jerusalem.
  • Florence: Wait ... what are the territories the Ottomans keep in Buyuk Orman? We lost hundreds of thousands of soldiers getting it, and we will not cede most of it back. Also, we would prefer not give the Black Stone back. We will, however, give free passage and protection to whatever Muslim pilgrim trying to reach it, if they agree, but it is more of a war trophy for our nation. However, if Your Holiness insists, we will give the strange Black Stone back.
  • Papal States: The Pope has a solution for that strange artifact you captured. Strip the accursed rock of its silver frame and give the cemented center to the Turks. The silver itself is worth much and even more so as a war trophy. We don't want Muslim fanatics entering Florence bent on murderously bringing the rock back or worse yet, another Jihad. As for the Turkish settlements on your colonies, it will be something like a gated community inland, so you get to keep the entire coastline. Simply move all the Turkish settlers to this one area inland and allow them to stay and live there, that way you can resettle the rest of the former Turkish colonies with your own colonists.
  • Florence: We'll agree to that.
  • Mamluks: Hey would agree to a peace treaty with us? We've both suffered from the war, and it would benefit both of us to stop fighting. U know, if you can convince other Catholic nations not to attack my empire, I might be able to convince the Ottomans not to fight you anymore.
  • Scotland: Your Holiness, I come here as a mere subsidiary of the great Christian world. In the east, a dark alliance of China, the Ottomans and the Mamluks plan to unseat God's great design. We humbly request your blessing in our effort to resist the foul pestilence.
  • Papal States: The Pope sends his blessing. The war should be ended as quickly as painlessly as possible, however, since it seems to affect fellow Christian nations such as Muscovy whom the Papacy has no quarrel with.
  • The Commonwealth: Your Lordship, we have entered the war and remember: if you are entered into this war at all and if your kingdom is invaded, we will send every man, every quarter, and every object that we can give to you. I ask that a Non-Aggression treaty be signed between our nations, this treaty will give you our protection if any nation provokes thy holinesses kingdom, but does not drag you into our war. What does thy father think of this?


  • England granted us independence. I don't see a legitimate reason to attack them unless they declare war on us. Thanks for the independence!
  • Florence: We ask for an alliance with you against France in our war.
  • Ireland: Alliance denied.
  • Florence: Why does your nation reject our offer?
  • Ireland: We are friends with the Papal States and France. You are blockading them. We demand that you stop this war. Lorenzo de' Medici has already died because of this war. Don't cause anymore deaths.
  • Papal States: Thank heaven for coming to our aid. Our tiny fleet could not have contested the Florentines. Now, for your part in the Crusade against the Mamluks, your grateful Pope rewards you with the entire rich Libyan coastline east of Aragonese territory in North Africa. This also includes any cities within the territory. May the Higher Power bless you and keep you safe!
  • Ireland: Ireland thanks His Holiness the Pope!
  • Papal States: The war with Florence has been concluded. You have a chance to get enough gold to turn you into a very wealthy and stable nation if you agree to a peace with them. The Pope currently believes you should accept their desperate offer as they have been all but eliminated as a threat to the peace of Europe.
  • Ireland: We accept, but mark my words: we'll come back to finish the job if we need to.
  • Papal States: Florence has called a crusade against the godless Aztecs and the Pope has agreed to support it. They have committed the ultimate sin through human sacrifice of Christians, the heathen! We will appreciate if you continue your war against the Aztecs. With Florence conquering on one side, and the Irish on the other, how can they stand against the true Faith?
  • Ireland: If Florence gets in my way, I will slaughter them as if they were Pagans like the Aztecs! (Notice how I play the Aztecs and the Irish. I'm wiping one of my nations out for territory for another.) However, I will reward Florence with some territory if they stay out of the way.
  • Florence: We will not go out of your way. We called the Crusades. And if you lift a single finger against the Italians, is full blown war against you again! Consider this as an ultimatum. We have one of the largest and strongest army and navy in the known world. We can land on your small islands, if you can't understand the meaning.
  • Ireland: Tell me then why Lorenzo de' Medici died while looking into the eyes of an Irishman. Why was the blade on Medici's throat carried by an Irishman raised on a small island? Why were our armies about to invade the city of Florence? How did we get inside your blockade and burn your ships down? During our war, we were about to lay waste to Florence. We can come back to finish the job.

    I have a proposition for you, however: I will let you keep Central America. All of it. Mexico, however, is mine. We can even trade with each other. The Caribbean is a prosperous place. Trade could flow in. Perhaps we can even have an alliance later on.
  • Florence: You are experts of backstabbing and swift attack! Lorenzo I de' Medici died looking on the eyes of an Irishman because he only woke up seconds before you attacked. Coward! You only dare to attack by night. Your navy was as swift as unexpected, and you attacked us before you declared war. You are only backstabbers and traitors! It was not you who attacked Florence. You only helped your much more noble "allies": Portugal, France and England. We can burn everything on your small, miserable island. Cneus Julius Agricola estimated rightly that only one legion would be needed to wipe you stubborn Celts off the map! If you attack us, believe us, everything from Belfast on the north to Luimneach on the south will be destroyed! Romans from our region were the ones who expulsed the celts out of Britannia! We will finish the job, if you wish.
But I will not waste lifes for nothing. Let's do your agreement: For now we will be at peace. But the slightest suspicious act, and everything on your miserable island will burn!
Ireland: We don't backstab. Lorenzo Medici was killed an hour after he awoke in the morning. We let him have a last meal. Several guards died guarding the palace. Now THAT was a fight. When you declared war on France, you declared war on us. We have an Alliance. Our military is very strong. We also have allies if you try to attack us. We attacked Florence in a joint attack. It was beautiful. You should have seen it up close instead of standing at your window, cowering.
Know that the Romans and the Celts were BOTH Pagan at the time. Now, the Romans and I are at peace. Even prospering together.
I'm glad that we can come to an agreement. You're a good, wise man.
Florence: Piero de' Lorenzo has died. That was his last international message, and now it is Lorenzo II speaking to you. We only want peace with your nation. Ours will be permanently scarred by the war and now we ask for you to accept our apologies.
I will be unavailable starting at 3:10 PM today and lasting until Monday. Keep that Crusade going! I'm offering money until then for the Crusade. When I get back, everyone can discuss an attack plan or a trap for the Malmuks. Good luck! CrimsonAssassin 13:48, October 22, 2010 (UTC)
  • Papal States: The Egyptian infidels have slaughtered every knight on Rhodes and are invading Libya! The Papal States' African dominions are on the verge of collapse. I need not remind you that the Irish need to rally and defend not only their Church, but their Libyan territories as well.
  • Ireland: We're invading Egypt from the south right now. They might be a little preoccupied to invade Libya. Soon, we'll be crossing towards Jerusalem. However, we have come across something. Our researchers are studying the Qur'an. It says Allah will protect Mecca. If we burned Mecca, it would prove the Arabs wrong. They might even join us.
    • Sorry, but you can't invade Egypt from the south or even reach Mecca by sea. There is no way the Irish could get there. You have to attack from the northeast.
  • North Britain: Recall how we came to you in your time of plight, Men of the West! Now the vicious Sassenach is busy fighting in North America, we can strike at him with all our might. If you help we will give you the coastline of Wales as well as the English Pale on Ireland itself.
  • Ireland: Accepted!
  • England: I don't know why the map doesn't show this, but the Pale is Irish. When England liberated the Irish, they liberated all of Ireland. We have no quarrel with you, and we do not wish to fight you in the least, as both of our realms are firmly within the Kingdom of God and we continue to defeat the snake-tongued desert savages of the east. Do not betray your fellow brothers. Please, we beg of you to stop this nonsense. The Lord says to love thy neighbor, and we are both literally and metaphorically your neighbor. We are ashamed for what we have done to your people in ages past, but this is a new age; the age of God. Please.
  • Ireland: Sorry, Scotland, but the English are right. They saved us from some horrors and we saved the Mediterranean economy when Florence blockaded the rest of Italy. What I want to know, however, is why you have a quarrel with them, Scotland. This is an age of new. We should be fighting the demons of the sands, not our brothers in England.
  • Mamluks: Sorry, but I can't agree to your deal, my empire needs the few remaining areas it has left to rebuild.
  • Scotland: Thank you, our brethren of the west for your undying support for our nation. We shall court the Pope and other nations of Europe before we go to war.
  • Florence: We were enemies once. That doesn't mean that we must always be enemies, so of course, you don't need to do anything to get forgiven by our nations. But if we can be granted land in Mexico, Texas or the Irish Persia (especially OTL Pakistan), we will be willing to pay whatever reasonable price.


  • Ireland: Request Trade Rights.
  • France: Request granted, both countries distain Britain and would make excellent allies.
  • Ireland: Many thanks
  • Republic of Florence: We request an alliance with your mighty nation. Should we give you our Sri Lankan colony if you agree to terms?
  • France: I am sorry to say this, but I must rightfully decline your offer of an alliance at the request of another, more trustworthy at this time, party, whom we take relations with as precedent over Florence.
  • Poland-Lithuania: We see that you are in deep conflict with Florence, therefore we ask for a trade agreement, this act will both help you in your war against Florence but also help keep your economy stable.
  • Florence: We demand compensation from your act of war. The incident in Sri Lanka was out of orders and we consider you the aggressor.
  • France: Honestly I see this as simply another historical event with two sides to the story, after all it was your carracks that attacked our frigate in port, but that's simply our side of the story.
  • English reply to offers: We are happy to say that we will assist you in this war, if we do receive your Caribbean colonies and the Florencian holdings in the new world.
  • Papal States: The war has been concluded. The Florentines are about to go bankrupt paying you a massive tribute for the next two years, and will give you the island of Corsica if you agree to a peace with them. They have been taught a lesson and the Pope believes that they are no longer a threat for now. In the meantime, he encourages your nation to accept their offer and profit by it.
  • Ottomans: in the event of a war with Florence will you join us in an alliance, in return we will trade with you and let you keep Corsica and Sri Lanka
    • Papal States: So! Turkic Traitors, you are trying to give the French back what they already own! They already control Corsica as part of the peace terms. The Pope considers this a threat to another nation's territory and it will not be tolerated.
  • North Britain: Your nation and that of the English are not renowned for their good relations. I can assure you that if you help us crush the piteous English then not only would English claims to the throne of France be dropped, but we can offer you a vast supply of colonists for colonial expansion ie any English who dare resist the might of united Albion.
  • England: Haha we made peace, and the terms included us dropping our claims to the throne. Not to mention that we were just allied in a war against Florence.
  • Hapsburg: We would like to purchase one of your African colonies, preferably the one of the Mediterranean coast. How much would you be willing to sell it for? We understand if you are unwilling, it's just that we got into the colonizing game late, and with all routes of expansion in Europe currently closed, we need something to do.
  • France: At this time we are unwilling to sell our colonies as we are trying to catch up to the other nations in colonial territory.
  • Hapsburg: That's cool. We found some unsettled territory in Africa, so we have no need to purchase land from you anymore.
  • Hapsburg: We urge you to support the HRE in it's war against Poland-Lithuanian commonwealth. If they take Germany, they will be the dominant superpower on Europe. Germany is rich in natural resources and is a major economic region. If they take it, then their economy will be able to outproduce everyone. As you are a member if the Holy Roman Empire, you should probably help.
  • Mamluks: How would like to give me your African territories for 5,000,000 florins?
  • Mamluks: Sorry.

Kingdom of Naples


  • Empire of Trebizond: We now share a border, friends of the Greeks! As fellow Orthodox Christians and trade partners, our gracious emperor has agreed that perhaps we should think our relationship to the next step. Would your ruler be willing to consider a defensive alliance with Trebizond, in the best interests of Eastern Christendom?
  • Muscovy: We accept your offer, willingly and graciously!
  • THE Commonwealth: I ask that we establish an alliance against the Habsburgs, this alliance could lead us into becoming one of the greatest nations is Europe!!
  • Hapsburg: I say you should make a defensive alliance with me. I can give you 10,000 of my currency plus, in the event of a war with P-L Commonwealth, you can have Lithuania. I will also not contest any advances you make in uniting all of Russia under your rule.
  • Mamluk: Will you join China, the Ottoman Empire, and my Sultanate in a four way alliance? It's a promising alliance. One of our agreements is if one of the allies get sucked into a war, the other three nations will help that ally in the war.
  • 'Mamluk': Would you like me to help you in you war against the Kalmar union?
  • Muscovy: Mamluk Sultanate, we accept your offer of an alliance.



  • Florence: Will your glorious nation join us in the war against France and their allies.

Republic of Florence

  • England: Thank you for your most generous of offers, but sadly we cannot agree. We have decided to side with France in this conflict.
  • Poland-Lithuania: The position we are in does not give us a choice to join the war, however, we will send supplies to you if a trade agreement is made for the best interests of the people.
  • Papal States: We are giving you your last chance to repent, Florentine heathen. The Pope is on the verge of excommunicating you. Your friends the Turks are nowhere in sight, and all faithful nations of Christendom have sided against you. Your leader is dead, and we are about to proclaim a new Crusade with the goal of conquering Florence itself. Nay, exterminating it. As it is clear you desire more war than peace, so shall it be if you choose. You will not only war with the States of the Church, but with Christ's kingdom on Earth.
  • Ireland: It would be wise for you to end this war now!
  • England: Seconded! If you were to cede us your all of your American holdings, we would end this war now.
  • Response: We will never give out American colonies to you barbaric nations. But as the mighty Roman Empire once bribed the barbarians to keep away, so we will give you money to stop the war. Will 100,000,000 gold Florins, and 75 florins each month for two years, be sufficient?
  • Aztecs: Hey, now! Barbarians? That's offensive!
  • Florence: Although maybe the European nations are civilized, that cannot be said of you. You literally took my people's heart out of their chest, pagan!
  • England: Just like those Germanic tribes of old, money won't slake our thirst for conquest. We will not back down on our offer. One Italian city-state fighting against England, France, Ireland, Portugal, and the Aztecs on three fronts could be considered by some to be a desperate situation. Save yourself the pain of a complete surrender and give us your American colonies.
  • Florence: We will do whatever you want, but we won't give a single inch of our American territory. Please accept our offer!
  • Papal States: The Pope has agreed that if you really seek peace, the States of the Church should accept your offer. The Pope, in turn, will grant roughly half of it back to you for rebuilding your cities following the war. You will also agree to finance any Crusades the Papacy may be interested in launching during the near future. If you accept these terms and conditions, the Pope will not excommunicate you and issue a notice to all Catholic nations that the war is over. As for France, the Papacy may be able to satisfy them if you grant them some territorial cession. We recommend Corsica, so that you will not lose traditional Italian mainland to the French.
  • Florence: We agree to your merciful claims, Holy Pope.
  • Aztecs: A bunch of weird blue eyed pale people declared peace on you and we will too. We don't want any distractions from fighting the Irish.
  • North Britain: Just as King Arthur protected the remnants of true civilisation from the barbarian hordes, we offer our support to you, in return for land in the New World.
  • England: We accept your treaty. I hope that the unpleasant events of this war will not negatively effect our two nations in the future.Porro may Pope ago!
  • France: We full heartedly accept your treaty, may this horrible war come to an end!
  • North Britain Will you, proud men of Italy, help we unlucky few in a most glorious war against our barbaric southern neighbours. If you help us, we will give 10,000 pounds as well as 2000 colonists for the New World.
  • Hapsburg: Would you be interested in a trade agreement, to keep our Venetian interests from colliding and causing conflict between our two nations?
  • Papal States: Please send us reinforcements, as one of the Pope's armies has made it to Jerusalem itself, but is rapidly suffering from a strained supply line and the desert heat. We do not have the strength to capture the city, and the Turks have cost us heavy losses. However, we have laid siege to it to keep them occupied while you send us support. Your Florentine troops will get their share of the loot from the city's treasury if you aid us. May God grant us this ultimate victory over the banner of the Crescent!
  • Empire of Trebizond: We see our trade partners and friends the Ottoman Turks have been all but beaten by your nation as well as the other Latin and Frankish kingdoms. Since we have a trading post on the border of the (previously) Turkic-claimed colony in the Americas, would you care to do business with us? We can bring goods from West China to your nation's ports and silk, spices, and Asiatic products that you cannot obtain easily even with your territory in India. This would be mutually profitable and open up a new measure of trade and revenue for Florence.
  • Florence: We gladly accept your friendly offer!
  • Papal States: The Pope has been told that the Turks will surrender and accept defeat if you give that strange rock you took from Arabia to them. They treasure it as part of their religion; it would probably do better good to them than it would collecting dust with the Holy Relics in one of our churches. However, the Pope leaves this decision completely up to you.
  • Ottomans: May we have the black rock of Kabaa?

'Florence is currently open to selling some of our colonies. If you are interested, just tell us which colony do you want to purchase.'

  • Empire of Trebizond: We are interested in purchasing Singapore. The empire could use a good port in Southeast Asia and Singapore is a very rich place. We could expand the port there ten times over. Name your price in gold ducats, and our emperor will pay it. We are the wealthiest nation in the East thanks to our expanding business and we can afford to ask you what price you want. If you cede us Singapore, we will allow your colonists the northern part of the island bordering Malaya, and let you keep St. John's Isle and Sentosa as colonies of your own.
  • Florence: We can't agree to the treaty, as we vitally need Singapore and India. But could we interest you with our Floridian colony?
  • Empire of Trebizond: We desperately need some more revenue from our American business, so we will negotiate for your colony in Florida. Name your price. However, the emperor also wishes to note he will add 700 golden ducats to that if you allow our merchants to set up a trading post on St. John's Isle, off Singapore's coast. This will be for solely non-expansionist, friendly, business purposes only, and it could be supervised by your doge if he is suspicious of our intentions.
  • Ireland: We would like Central America or South Africa.
  • Florence: To the Empire of Trebizond: Would 4,500 ducats be agreeable for your nation? And to Ireland: What about 6,500 ducats for Italian South Africa, so that the Irish part of ex-Ottoman Africa can have a shoreline?
  • Empire of Trebizond: 4500 ducats is acceptable. However, what of our offer about St. John's Isle?
  • Ireland: Pleasure doing business.
  • Florence: Trebizond, your St. John's Isle offer is accepted
  • Hapsburg: I urge you to support the HRE in its war against the Poland-Lithuania Commonwealth. if they manage to take Germany, then it will mean menace unlimited for the rest of Europe. Germany is rich in natural resources, and is economically virale. If they take it, they will become a dominant superpower.I urge you to help with either troops or money.
  • Florence: We will help with your war if you give us trading rights over Flanders-Brabant, the Netherlands, and Northern Germany. The richness of those territories is needed in Florence.
  • Hapsburg: I will not give you trading rights over North Germany. All the others I will agree to.
  • Papal States: The Pope wishes to note that the Hapsburgs only control Austria at this time. The Netherlands is claimed by the United Kingdom of England-Portugal, and Flanders, as well as North Germany, fall under jurisdiction of the new Holy Roman emperor of Lippe, whom German power has been transferred to by the Pope. Keep in mind the new Holy Roman Empire is more of a political entity protected by the Papal States and the Hapsburg Austrian Empire.
  • Hapsburg: Seems I can't agree to any of your propositions.

Mamluks: Hey, would you like to enter an alliance with me? I know our nations fought in the past, but I believe an alliance would be good for both our mighty empires. Also, I was wondering if I could have Cairo and my Egyptian lands back. If so, then I would have access to Mediterranean and I swear I won't attack you.

  • Papal States: The Pope forbids you from doing so. It is fine to remain friendly towards them, but an alliance can not be tolerated in the best interests of Christendom! We must not let them access the Mediterranean again. Note how they are building up their army. It would be folly to trust them and die with a knife in the back.
  • Mamluks: It's cool. I'll respect your answer. But can you at least stop taking land in Africa? You already have a huge empire. But again, if you say no I'm perfectly fine with it.
  • England: Also, just a quick note about North Germany; Holland, Ulrecht, and Friesland are all under the direct control of the UK.
  • The Commonwealth: Do you have any territories for sale? We are in great need for a area which will provide us with more supplies and support our economy.
  • Florence: We do. How would you like Florentine Ceylon and our East African colonies in exchange for your newly-founded colony on Sumatra and a promise not to expand in Southeast Asia or Australia for the next 15 years?
  • Mamluks: How about all of my land in Thailand for all your territory in Africa?
  • Florence: Allow the Poles and Balts to reply. I agree to your demands if the commonwealth does not agree to my other offer, but I will not give up the Nile territories. You are free to have the East African colonies, though.
  • Mamluks: Okay, but why can't I have the Nile territories?
  • Florence: Because they are extremely valuable to anybody due to their fertile lands, and we certainly are not giving them to the same nation who attacked France simply because they wouldn't respond to a request. Not to mention the fact that much of the native population was eradicated by our forces during the Crusade, and most of the land is currently under the ownership of Florentine colonists. We are not selling our own citizens, my friend.
  • The Commonwealth: We agree to this deal and also ask that a trade agreement be set up between us.
  • Florence: Excellent. The deal is done.
  • Mamluks: How about you take your citizens out of Egypt, and then give it to me in exchange for all my Indian territory, along with 12,000,000 florins.
  • Ireland: May we please have the section of land separating my Mexican and American colonies?
  • Florence: I'm sorry Ireland, but our colony requires a direct route to the Atlantic that is under our control. It is crucial to our colony's economic stability that it stay wholly within our hands at this point in time.
  • Florence: Egypt is worth far more to us than all of your colonies combined. Our government has not the authority to evict our citizens off of their own lands, anyway. The sheer amount of grain produced in that river valley is much needed for us to continue expanding like we have been.
  • Scotland: The heathen armies of the Mamluks, Ottomans and Chinese plot against the Christian world. Stand by your Catholic brothers in our hour of need! Territories in the East shall be up for grabs and the force which has repeatedly made war on us shall be at last destroyed.
  • Hapsburg: You realize that they are also allied with Muscovy, one of the largest nations in the game currently. That is going to make any sort of fight long and hard. If you want to fight them, I have some advice.1. Let them attack you. It gets world sympathy because you can play the warmonger card against them. 2. Try to keep Muscovy out of it. That way, they won't have a land route to Europe except through Greece, which can be easily blocked.
  • Milan: Oh brother Florentines, we of the Duchy of Milan are a small but developing nation, and we are in awe of your many advances in military design and your great colonial empire. We would like to establish a trading relationship with you and our nation. Milan is a bountiful duchy, and we have many agricultural products and cattle to feed the gullets of the Florentines, and in return we would like to be supplied with some of the wonderful military inventions you Florentines are developing. After all, Milan is a small country and could easily be taken advantage of some larger, more exploitative nation. If there is anything else you require, Florence, then say the world and Milan shall deliver it to you. Long live Florence!
  • Florence: Greetings, Milanese brothers. We thank you for your awe and will agree to your request. We would also request a military alliance, if you don't believe for it to be too much of a burden on your nation. Florence would be glad to establish large diplomatic relationships with you.
  • Milan: Milan is honoured by your request, brother Florentines! We gladly accept. May the friendship between our two peoples last a thousand years more!
  • Mamluk: I have noticed that you and Ireland are on the brink of war. I am willing to help you in a war against the Irish, and I will bring the whole Eastern Alliance to help as well. I hate the Irish as much as you do. Do you accept my offer?
  • Florence: We graciously agree, brother Mamluks! I have a proposition for the Eastern Alliance: You Mamluks will get all of Irish Africa, excepting for an area at the south coast. The Ottomans will get Irish Persia, excepting for OTL Pakistan. Thanks for your offer!
  • Mamluk: I agree to your proposition, my Italian friend. When should we strike?
  • Milan: Oh gracious brother Florentines, our respect for you is beyond account or concern. You, the glorious Habsburgs, and Turks have given more to our measly nation than anyone could ask for. With your assistance we have reorganized our military and army so that we might one day acclaim ourselves a mighty nation. Though our Catholic royal family did not welcome the Lutherans with open arms, we have no sympathy for the tyrannic Irishmen, either. Though we are a peaceful nation, and despise war, a time will come when we must made a stand against tyranny. Milan will side with you in all military endeavours, for better or for worse.
  • Ireland:: You cowards. You are bringing former enemies to fight a war that you just can't start yourself. I promise you I will not start a war. You and I have a long, terrible history. It is filled with YOUR tyrannical infractions against our lands (you stole Aztec lands from us/blockaded many European nations, etc.) It figures that you would team up with the enemy. I should have destroyed the Mamluks in the 10th Crusade and I should have destroyed you when you blockaded the nations of Europe. You want me out of this game. I want you out of this game. Our nations hate each other. We could go to war right now. No allies or power-hungry dogs that I have to kick down. Or we could try peace. All should be well. I only ask that you stop sending Lutheran Missionaries to my nation.
  • J-Dogg (Calvin): I wish to point out to the Irish that, due to the 13th Concordat (1437-8), presided over by your beloved Pope, precludes the right of a nation, Christian, pagan or otherwise, to claim sovereignty over the full extent of an invaded nations' lands if they do not control said extent of lands. Your protests over the Florentine invasion of previously Aztec lands are voided in light of this fact. Secondly, continental blockades have been carried out for centuries by one nation or another. The simple fact that a supposedly heretical nation decides to place one does not make it any worse than another blockade. Your continued belligerence towards Florence and other "heretical" nations is unlikely to gain you many allies, nor will it make your existing brothers in arms any happier as you continue to insult, demean, and outright attack your opponents. As to your views towards alliances with heathen nations, you yourself are in violation of this principle at this very moment. Are you not indeed aligned with the Empire of Japan; worshipers of spirits and ghosts not unlike the pagan Gaels that once inhabited Eire and Alba? I understand that the Pope's Bull spoke of Muslim nations in particular, but should not the same degree be applied to all heathens as well? As for your offer to go "one-on-one" with Florence, you have created a situation in which you are blatantly hypocritical. First you write a letter to England offering an alliance, and then you pen a rant to the Florentines demanding that you fight alone. I understand that you and the people of Ireland have deep personal convictions concerning the deep schism within God's very House, so it would be wise for you to pen your argument more carefully, so that you may be spared such embarrassment in the future.

Ottoman Empire

  • Florence: We offer an alliance with your mighty nation. If you agree, we will give you 5,000,000 gold Florins and all of France's Asian territories.
  • Ottomans: We accept your alliance offer.
  • Florence: Singapore, Saigon and Shanghai are ours by God's right. Give it to us, or we will break the alliance
  • Ottomans:lets us keep the colonies and we'll trade with you and let you use the colonies as staging points to found your own colonies.
  • Florence: We will not agree to that. We demand your Asian colonies or war. Risk yourself.
  • Ottomans: We will not give you the colonies, our previous offer still stands though.
  • Florence: We've had enough, Muslim pagan! give us your colonies, all of them, and liberate Nepal, or we'll declare the crusade against your nation active! Risk yourself!
  • Ottomans: Never, if you touch any of our land, we will take it as an act of war.
  • Florence: It is not for our land, Muslim! It is a holy war! And if you don't give us your colonies, and the Pope the Levant, and liberate your Indian lands, we will declare war on you and your Muslim allies!
  • Papal States: Heathen, please note that the Pope has called for the Tenth Crusade. All Catholic nations who rally to this Crusade called on your nation will be financed in their efforts by the Pope himself. They will be allowed to keep any colonial or other Ottoman territory conquered with the exception of Jerusalem itself and the surrounding coastline. The goal of this Crusade is to liberate Jerusalem from haters of Christ, but all of your other territories will be targets as well. May the Saints strike you down before the Faithful!
  • Ottomans: Before this escalates, we'll give Florence Singapore and let all Christians right to pilgrimage in the Holy Land without threat of attack. but we keep everything else.
  • Papal States: A Crusade is a very serious matter, and the Pope will not revoke it without a valid reason agreed upon by both Poland-Lithuania and Florence. You have not agreed to the complete demands. We want to restore the Kingdom of Jerusalem which you Muslims so mercilessly and brutally destroyed in 1229. Turks and Egyptians and Arabs alike trampled churches in the dirt, sacked Jerusalem and Acre, then slaughtered women as well as children like sheep and trod on our knights underfoot. We will not stop until we have regained this territory and re-established the kingdom for Christendom. In addition, you are to liberate your Indian territories and let them remain free. They are fellow Muslims; you have no honor even among members of your own religion.
  • Florence: We will never agree to the peace offering! You have to understand that this Crusade is a serious act. It is not like the crusade of the Aztecs! This is a true crusade, to restore Jerusalem to it's true Christian owners, and to liberate the poor tolerant Muslim and Buddhist nations you have enslaved.
  • Ottomans: for one we don't enslave them, they have governors from their own areas and there is religious tolerance. and we will never give you the holy land it belongs to Muslims as much as Christians and Jews, you are just to selfish to realize we will never persecute Christians or others
  • Empire of Trebizond: As we have continued to remain friendly with you, and have offered to support you financially against the Tenth Crusade, will you grant us trade rights in your overseas colonies? This will bring much wealth to both our nations and expand business in your other territories.
  • Ottomans: We accept, you can use our colonies for trade. but be wary of crusader fleets and troops.
  • Mamluks: I accept to your deal, Ottoman Empire. Let's Crush the Pathetic Crusaders.
  • Papal States: We demand the following terms to end the Crusade and leave you in peace.
    • 1. You will recognize the independence of the Crusader States.
    • 2. You will cede the Pope southern Judea, and Florence Syria.
    • 3. You will give up Bulgaria and the Greek territory around Constantinople.
    • 4. You will give Mesopotamia over to Florence and the Pope so they can establish a Christian nation there.
    • 5. You will give Ireland and Florence your South African Territory and cede the Irish any territory between India and Saudi Arabia.
    • 6. You will give Florence your remaining Indian territory or release them as free nations.
  • Hapsburg: As a point of clarification, who would the Greek and Bulgarian territories be going to?
  • Papal States: Poland-Lithuania in Bulgaria, and the Habsburgs in southern Greece. Anything close to Constantinople will be organized into a new nation under Papal administration, the re-established Latin Empire.
  • Florence: Can we Florentines stay with the Indian and American territories we've occupied?
  • Papal States: Yes. The Pope grants you permission to do so and gives his blessings.
  • Ottomans: we agree, all territories are ceded, the Indian territories are free nations. But we can send pilgrims to Judea and Arabia. plus we keep small colonies in South Anatolia and Buyuk Orman. We'll also get the black rock of the Kabaa you stole.
  • Papal States: Muslim pilgrims will be allowed to visit certain areas of Judea (Jerusalem included) and freely visit Mecca as well, if they choose to. And, the Pope has also agreed that you will be allowed to keep a few colonial settlements in South Anatolia and Buyuk Orman. However, the Rock of Kabaa is a different matter. Only Florence will decide whether you can have it back or not. We will send it to Anatolia if they agree; the Pope will not tolerate such a thing to ever sit in Mecca again. You were a worthy foe, O Ottoman Sultan, even in defeat. Let us end the bloodshed. Hundreds of thousands have perished, Italians, Englishmen, Irish, Spanish, and other Europeans all alike on the Crusading side, and many more Turks and Egyptians. Such are the horrors of war. Let us now leave the Turkish heathen in peace, we have achieved what we fought for.
  • Ottomans: thank you for your generosity, you are more noble than we thought. we apologized for the assassination attempt. plus well discuss with the Florentines about the rock. Let's drop the heathen thing, we are all human are we not.
  • Papal States: It's more of a ceremonial term by this point in time. But, as you wish, we will address you hereafter as 'Moslems' or 'Muslims'
  • Ottomans: Thanks you.
  • Mamluks: Hey, I will give you all my land in the Arabian peninsula if you give me that little strip of land in Somalia. I'm trying to colonize the whole east coast of Africa.
  • Ottomans: Deal.
  • Ireland:' I have a proposition: All of my land in the Arabian Peninsula for any of your land east of the Caspian Sea!
  • Ottomans: How about the rest of my lands in Pakistan and India instead?
  • Ireland: Deal. Wanna open a trade route?
  • Ottomans: Sure.
  • Mamluk: I will give you all my territory in Indonesia for free. I want you to become rich and powerful again, simply because if you become a world power again, you can join my nation and China in a triple alliance.
  • Ottomans: Sure, thanks and I will join the alliance.
  • Mamluk: Hey, let our triple alliance make a deal. If one of us is being attacked or is conquering land, the other two nations must give support.
  • Ottomans: OK
  • Mamluks: May we have the new powder?
  • Hapsburg: Can I send my navy through the Turkish Straits? I'm going to use it to launch a naval attack on Polish Greece.
  • The commonwealth: Do not do that, if you keep the Turkish Straits closed to both of us until the war ends, Ottoman ships won't be mistaken and fired upon also, we will return any land in Turkey and pay you once every year to keep ownership over Bulgaria.
  • Ottomans: We give the powder to the Mamluks. We have to accept the commonwealth's offer, the straight will stay closed until the end of the war.
  • Mamluks: Now that I am at war with France, I expect you and China to give me support if I need it. You have to honor our deal. Not that I think you wouldn't help me or anything.
  • Ireland: Not so fast! If anyone helps the Mamluks out, I will kill any Muslims in my empire and invade the Mamluks. If you are truly loyal to the Mamluks, do not give them support. We have powerful allies. Mamluks, end this war against France, or there is no going back. We will not stop this war until the Mamluks are gone completely unless you give back all of Frances land!
  • Ottomans: is the war over?
  • Florence: We will never agree to giving over Antioch nor Aram, Suleiman. Antioch and Aram are mostly Christian: None of two regions speak Turkish nor Arabic. Also, they are the footsteps to Jerusalem. We no longer distrust the Muslim peoples, but who knows? Maybe you'll try to retake Jerusalem after that. So we're sorry, but no.
  • Ottomans: We would like to bridge the gap between Muslims and Christians, but we would like to connect our empire. What if we give a vow to never attack Jerusalem, not persecute anybody in addition to the 15,000,000 florins?
  • Papal States: No deal. Sorry, but Aram is a joint Papal project with Florence and home of the Chaldean Catholic Church. It would be betrayal to suddenly turn the Christians living there over to a Muslim country for no good reason.
  • Florence: What land do you want in exchange of scholars? If you mean the Kingdom of Aram, no.
  • Ottomans: Not Aram, we get it that you and the Pope don't want to sell. How about Syria and/or the land you have in Arabia.

Mamluk Sultanate

  • Florence: We offer an alliance with your mighty nation. If you agree to it, we will give you 7,000,000 gold Florins.
  • Ottomans: Will you join us in an alliance against the evil land hungry Florentines? in exchange we will give you some land that is captured and trade with you some more, including diamonds from our South Anatolian colony.
  • Ottomans: Cool, thanks, let's wage jihad, and remember ask us before you keep any land.
  • Mamluks: Nice, can I have Libya when we conquer it?
  • Ottomans: Yes.
  • Hapsburg: Not to overly hasty, but your ally is pulling out of the war. You might want to before he peaces out, and you have to face us all by yourself.
  • Ireland: If you want peace, you will agree to our offer. In fact, you can make a choice! You can:
    -Give us all of your territory on the Arabian Sub-Continent
    -Give us all of your territory in Africa and India

    I hope you accept these terms.

I'll donate some territory to the Papal States and Florence.

England: We'd just like Goshen (The Sinai), if you please.

Papal States: The peace treaty has already been settled with the Ottoman sultan, and it applies to you too, since it ends the Jihad and the Crusade both. Let us now live in peace. The war is over and while you must let the Crusading nations keep whatever territory they conquered during the Crusade, you have the right to ignore any further demands by them after the Crusade. You will not get Mecca back, either. Sorry, but the place has been thoroughly sacked and is now a Christian city. All the mosques have been destroyed and now only Europeans and a few Arab Christians, Greeks, and Syrian businessmen live there.

Florence: Sorry, but we will not agree to your terms. Cairo and most of the north are mostly Catholics with Coptic language or Italians, so the population would rebel against you.

China: We should add Muscovy, tell me what you think and I'll ask them.

  • Empire of Trebizond: We noticed that you are offering us a trade agreement. As we are friendly with your allies the Ottomans and respect them highly, it is inevitable that we should become friends with you as well. We will accept the agreement on one condition: You give our merchants full access to your African territories so that we can do business with some of the inland African tribes. In return, we will give your merchants full access to the Silk Road and China. Since we are two of the richest countries in the known world, it would bring both our people much wealth.
  • Florence: We would like to exchange our colonies in East Africa and our holdings in Ceylon (as well as 1/5 of our current treasury) in return for the transferal of Ayutthuya to Florentine control.
  • Empire of Trebizond: At this time, we are reluctant to discuss a formal alliance; should you ever go to war with the Christian countries of Europe again we are not sure we want to be sucked into it. However, you can be sure we will always be on your side and support you as much as possible. We feel more kinship to the Eastern nations than we do to Western Europe.
  • Ireland: You cowards just want land from us. We're your #1 competitor in Africa and you want us out of Africa. Besides, Florence can't ally with you. You're Muslim. Shame.

Scottish Republic

  • Hapsburg: Once I finish this war against Poland-Lithuania, would you be interested in a defensive alliance? we have worked so closely in the past, and we will surely have a very prosperous relationship in the future.
  • Hapsburg: We will support you in case of war against China and their alliance. However, we would prefer if it isn't just us two versus them. I think their alliance is just a bit too strong for us then. I will mostly focus on fighting Muscovy, using my access through the district republics of Poland and Lithuania. They surrendered to me, remember? 
  • Florence: We request for an alliance with you. Irishmen are a trouble for Lutherans, Catholics and Calvinists alike: They fight not for religion but for land. I have already agreed to a compromise with the Eastern Alliance of the Mamluks-the Ottomans-China. Will you agree?
  • We recognise the tyrannic behaviour of the nation we helped to birth. Our army is full of zeal for the cause and we are more than willing to contribute in the overthrow of this lapsed child. All we ask are northern parts of Irish Southern Africa and a chunk of Irish North America.
  • Ireland: We have helped each other over the span of many decades. We request that you do not join these cowards. The Florentines should know by now that we want to be left alone and Lutheran Missionaries go away. This is their fault. I regret now not storming the capital when I had the chance (they were acting like tyrants. We should have kept a close eye on them) after I saved most of Europe from them long ago (they blockaded everyone) We have stopped chasing Calvin. All we ask is that you remember our long partnership. So much has changed. This should be a time for world peace. We are your brothers. Would you really kill your brother?

Teutonic Order

Republic of Venice

  • France: We request an alliance with the mighty Republic of Venice against Florence, their colonists threaten our Sri Lankan colony and unless we unite against them, we all shall surely fall.

Duchy of Milan


We are interested in consolidating our power through alliances, and other like stuff. We are also turning our interest toward the Americas and such. *England: We wish to offer you a trade agreement to reduce competition between our merchants in The Germanies. This will increase profits for the both of us.

  • Hapsburg: Agreed.
  • Papal States: We suggest you join the Tenth Crusade against the Turks and Egyptians, as your people are Catholic. The Pope promises to give you financial aid, support you if you wish to gain more territories in Germany, and will let you keep any overseas territories you take from the Ottoman Empire or the Mamluk Sultanate, as both nations are too large and are overstretching themselves. This is a great way to establish colonies across the world and raise your relations with the Catholic Church as well.
  • Hapsburg: The Hapsburg Monarchy is glad to support the Pope in is Crusade against the heathens of the Middle East. We will take offensive action within a few years.
  • North Britain: The English threatens our border once again. If you, most illustrious of all European monarchies, were to help us, we would pledge four of our finest regiments to you to aid in your European campaigns.
  • Hapsburg: I am sorry, but our current involvement in the Tenth Crusade, plus our amiable relationship with the English, makes war with them a very unappealing prospect. So I must refuse. However, I have heard of stories of pro- North Britain sympathies among the German mercenaries currently residing in our Adriatic ports. I may need to do something about them.
  • North Britain: I apologise, your majesty, if our request has altered your foreign relations with England. Now about those mercenaries. Whats the going rate?
  • Hapsburg: They're MERCENARIES. Just pay them more than I do, and they'll go flocking to your banner. However, you need to figure out yourself how to get them to England. I'm currently paying 300 ducats a man and whatever they plunder they get to keep.
  • Papal States: The Pope notices your Crusading numbers are depleting due to desertion and loss of morale in Turkish lands. Have no fear, faithful Austrians! We will send you reinforcements and give you financial aid if you require. The Ottomans will soon give way if you persevere, since they are fighting a losing war on three fronts and have overextended themselves too far across three continents to fight so many nations at once. We sense we are gaining the upper hand. The Greek and Serb population of Turkish Europe have suffered under Muslim rule; now is the time to liberate them!
  • Papal States: Do you think you can also send a small force to the Greek Island of Rhodes? It was previously a Papal state, but was seized by the Muslim Egyptians. It is a small island and you can easily take it back for your Pope.
  • Hapsburg: we will gladly do this for you. were will make the necessary arrangements to begin the invasion next year.
  • Scotland: If you help us out in any way you can in our war against Scandinavia, we will give you Newfoundland and a large coastal area. This will make Austria much more important on the international scene.
  • Hapsburg: I can send you money and weapons. However, the weapons may have to wait if the Irish decide to fight me over the issue of guns.
  • Ireland: Return those plans and destroy your prototypes immediately or there will be consequences!
  • Hapsburg: Good Lord, man! It's a freaking GUN. It's not going to irrevocably tip the balance of power in the world against you. I'm sure I'm not the only one to be developing these things besides you. And if it helps me to use some of your hard gained information, then so be it. It's not like you don't have spies in other countries. In other words, I'm not destroying my prototypes, I'm not handing any plans over to you, and if you go to war, then I don't expect you will hve much world support. this isn't a very good cause to be fighting for.
  • Ireland: Okay, fine.
  • Scotland We thank you for your decision to help us. Next year, we shall invade Newfoundland with new armaments and a song in our hearts.
  • The Commonwealth: We are going to expand soon into the Holy Roman Empire...but we cannot do it alone.....if you agree, may I ask that an alliance is formed, but if you disagree then perhaps a non-aggression pact is in order.
  • Hapsburg: I am sorry, but I cannot allow an invasion of the HRE, as I am the Holy Roman Emperor. Any offensive action into the Holy Roman Empire will be met with armed resistance. I suggest you turn your conquering eyes toward another area. Perhaps the Russian steppes?
  • Scotland: We are indeed interested in a mutual defence alliance. After all, our North American colonies are close together and we could gain a lot through mutual defence of this area.
  • Hapsburg: Cool. May all who try to stand before us fall.
  • The Commonwealth: We both know this all started with our invasion with the HRE, but why have war?? We want our lands back and that's all. Return our former territories and we will leave you, the HRE and the Teutonic Knights alone and look toward Russia.
  • England: King Henry wishes to remind the Commonwealth that Muscovy is indeed one of your own allies.
  • The Commonwealth: The we will stop our aggression against surrounding nation and continue colonization in Oceania.
  • Hapsburg: Might I remind you that YOU restarted the war, not I. I was perfectly content to let you live with what you had. You hadn't even lost the majority of your territory. But no, you had to go and try to get it back by force. Now I will be forced to leave you as nothing more than a rump state living on the goodwill of your neighbors.
  • The commonwealth: You think I wanted war?? NO, I wanted and still want the land where my people are, I need Southern Poland, I would give up the throne and give to the poor thousands of money just to get that piece of territory back, return it and we will pay you in gold and also repay any damage we caused, just for Southern Poland. I am content with my colonies being lost, but not the land of my people.
  • Hapsburg: Maybe I underestimated how important Southern Poland was to you. If you are willing to do what you said, then I will call an end to this war. I would also consider an alliance between our two peoples, so this sort of thing doesn't happen again. I think we have both learned our lessons from this.
  • The Commonwealth: We surrender, I will repay you for any damages and give up what lands are requested ... my nation and a united republic is no more ... May I make a proposition though? You turn the Commonwealth and southern Poland into a District republic, each territory will be turned into separate districts. Allow it to remain independent, but able to put troops into it, move through it, or change the borders ... does this satisfy you??
  • Hapburg: Well, If you want to surrender ... I never had any intention of annexing you or taking more territory, but I don't think I can refuse your surrender. I will do what you suggested. Enjoy your independence. Your valor and honor in this war have earned you it.
  • Scotland: Let us wait for China to make the first move. In the mean time, let us court the nations of Europe to rally to our banner.
  • Milan: Oh Great and Mighty Hapsburgs, beloved of God and King of the Romans, we of the Duchy of Milan would like to offer friendship and peace to your mighty empire. We will aid you in any of your momentous and God-fearing endeavours so as to contribute at least a little to the march of history, and in return we hope that you will support our duchy in hard times as well as good, and to come to our aid in case any ill befalls us from another nation.
  • Florence: Oh mighty Austrian Hapsburgs, we the Florentines request for your help against the Irish. Will you agree?
  • Hapsburg: Sure. If Ireland does something stupid, we would be glad to help. Extremism in any form is a bad thing.


England: Greetings, good neighbor. We would wish to have a trade route with you; it would enable both of us to trade directly without having to go through middlemen such as China or Muscovy (not that we have anything against them). A non-aggression pact would also be nice.

Muscovy: Hello, good friends. Now that we both have borders on the Pacific Ocean, I would like to ask for an alliance between our two nations for the purpose of mutual defense and economic cooperation.

England: Inclusion in an alliance between Florence and England proposed. See year 1510 for details.


  • Muscovy: We would like to ask for a political and economic alliance between our two states to ensure a greater connection and prosperity.
  • China: Sounds good, let's do it
  • Mamluk: Greetings, Emperor of China. Would you care to create an alliance with my nation? If so, I will give you War Elephants, up-to-date weaponry, and all kinds of exotic goods from Africa and India. In return, I will want to build Trading Post's in your major cities, and then we will be able to exchange all kinds of goods with one another. I hope you agree to my offer.
  • China: Sure, let's do it. I'll join the alliance and I'll build trading posts in all my major cities.
  • Mamluk: Hey, let our triple alliance make a deal. If one of us gets attacked or is trying to conquer, the other two nations must give support.
  • China: OK.
  • Empire of Trebizond: Recently we noticed that Scotland has established a colony on your territory in Indochina. Since this poses a Western threat to our trade with your people, we will gladly enter into an anti-Scottish alliance with you to drive out the invading Scots!


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