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Himmler decides that it would be an shame to kill so many veterans when he is going to use them to help Germany regain its former glory. He asks for an armistice, which Weimar, after many meetings accepts, and begins negotiations to resolve the crisis. The going is slow at first, as the radical Himmler and Hindenburg do not have much in common besides a desire to return Germany to its former glory.

Of course, while the negotiations go on, the two sides have not been idle. Hindenburg has been bringing in more recently reactivated army divisions, and Himmler has been strengthening the defenses of the Nazi base near Berlin. The war could go on, but it would be a fearful slaughter for both sides. there is also the possibility that a foreign nation may take advantage of the turmoil in Weimar to take German land. How will the Weimar-Nazi civil war resolve itself?

Negotiations break down, and the war is back on.

A Peace is worked out.

An outside threat unites the two parties.

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