Logo of Neft i gaz (Russian America)

Logo of Neft i gaz.

Neft i gaz (Russian: Нефть и газ, literally "Oil and Gas"), also referred to as Nifty Gas, is an oil and gas company which is headquartered in Nikolayevsk-Amerikansky, Alaska. Neft i gaz is one of the largest companies within Alaska, as well as being one of the "supermajor" oil companies in the world.

The company was founded in the 1960s as a state-owned company named "Alaskan Oil and Gas." Founded under the presidency of Vasily Kardash, the primary goal of this new company was to curb American domination in Alaska's growing oil industry. Along with providing oil and gas services, Neft i gaz was also tasked with constructing and maintaining the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, which was completed in 1977. The state-owned company was privatized during the 1980s, which is when the name Neft i gaz became official.

Neft i gaz currently operates dozens of filling stations located Alaska and several other nations (including Borealia, Mexico, Russia, and the United States). Many English-speaking patrons have referred to the company as Nifty Gas, which is a corrupted version of the Russian pronunciation. Though filling stations located outside of Alaska are allowed offer services based on local ordinances, Alaskan law prohibits self-service stations and requires that only trained attendants can handle fuel. These laws were implemented nationally in the 1970s over health and labor concerns. It is due to these laws that the Neft i gaz brand has become synonymous with full-services outside Alaska.

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