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The Nazis decide that they can't risk giving up all of Italy to the Americans, but they aren't ready in case a war starts. They withdraw their forces to the Northern part of the Italian Peninsula, leaving America to have the southern half. The Nazis also declare that if any American forces cross into the Northern part of Italy, that will mean a declaration of war. the Americans agree, and stop before reaching the Nazi lines.

In the North, the Nazis restore the old Italian government, but with more ...malleable leadership. In the South, the Americans get to work giving Italy a democratic government. The Italian south proclams themselves as the Italian Republic. Nazi Germany refuses to recognize this government, saying that the government in the north is the true government. Tensions slowly rise in Italy, and the area has started to become a tinderbox which could possibly provoke WW3. How does the situation in Italy turn out?

An uneasy peace...for now.

Proxy War, like OTL Korea.


Created by: Azecreth 14:29, September 16, 2010 (UTC)

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