In 1934, the nation of Nazi Germany has just arisen and Hitler has seized power.


August: An ordinary SS officer on a walk on his day discovers a odd looking wreckage on the bank of the River Rhine, the SS arrive and take the wreckage to Cologne where the odd saucer aircraft is studied.

September: After a month of examining the craft, scientists claim the wreckage is extraterrestrial by nature, they uncover laser, rocket and jet technologies

December: Hitler is informed of the wreckage and congratulates the SS Officer who discovered, he names the wreckage after the discoverer and issues a secret project designed for reverse engineering.


January: Almost nine years since the discovery of the alien wreckage, scientists tell the Führer that they have finally produced prototypes of laser rifles, jet fighters with four missiles on each wing, advanced laser tanks and surface to air missiles. Hitler orders mass production.

March: The first so called "Alien super weapons" are deployed on the eastern front, The Russians are shocked and retreat to Moscow in the following weeks.

April: The Allies are suddenly without warning are pushed out of Sicily.

November: The Soviet Union surrenders to Germany and the country is occupied


January: China surrenders unconditionally to Germany following a three-month battle

February: Japan is invaded by the Wehrmacht and is annexed into Germany.

March: Following the surrender of British and Saudi troops in the middle east, the Nazis are victorious in Asia and the Middle East

September: Hitler betrays the rest of the axis powers and invade Italy and the Balkans, Sweden, Portugal and Spain are swiftly conquered after

November: Britain is occupied after Operation Sea lion is launched

December: The Nazis drop an atomic bomb on New York city, America and Canada surrenders


January: Hitler demands that every other country that is not under Nazi rule surrender or else, those free nations accept.

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