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With the death of the Führer, his subordinates attempt to each gain control of the Reich. But, they all encounter resistance from the others who are attempting gain control. The Allies watch on in amazement as an internecine conflict begins between the various factions of Nazi Germany. The conflict is mostly fought around the city of Berlin, but it spills over into occupied France. the conflict is fought with specialized police units, and nearby divisions of the army.

On one side, is Heinrich Himmler. He has a great advantage, since he controls the elite SS police forces. He is known as a devious schemer, who will do anything to get ahead. There is also Hitlers hand picked successor, Rudolf Hess. He doesn't command much respect by other members of the Reich's government presently, but he has a very realistic view of the world, and commands the loyalty of those devoted to the ideals of Hitler. Canaris is also vying for power, using his secret connections with the British, plus his control of the espionage system of the Reich to assassinate top members of the government loyal to others.

Some Kreigsmarine and German Army forces express their dismay at the chaos and urge the entire German armed forces to unite behind Admiral Raeder and seize control.

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