The Americans, crippled badly after the failed invasion of Normandy, are found weak and vulnerable. On August 4th, 1944, Adolf Hitler designs a plan to invade the United States of America and code-names it Operation Bucket Wal. On October 4th, 1944, the first German Troops arrive on the Eastern Coast. American forces battle German forces up and down the troubled East Coast. New York City is taking the most damage. After retreating from the East Coast, Germany advances further and invade the Southern States. On November 5th, 1944, Texas, an American stronghold in the South, is seized and and the Middle States begin to be invaded.


On December 8th, 1945, the Japanese invade Hawaii. Too focused on fighting the advancing German troops, Honolulu is overrun and American forces retreat from Hawaii to Australia, where they make their final stand. Japan eventually invades Alaska and American troops are forced to retreat into Canada. On January 2nd, 1945, the United States loses control over the Middle States. On April 2nd, 1945, the United States surrenders to advancing German and Japanese troops when Washington D.C. is seized. The government cannot function and the President is taken captive. On May 2nd, 1945, Japan invades Australia. The Allied defense was overthrown and Japan secured the Pacific. The Treaty of Pac is signed and the Japanese control all of the Pacific and the war in the Pacific is over. With this happening, the war expands farther than our universe.


Adolf Hitler is killed by a Soviet bombing. A new Führer takes power. His name is never announced. To avenge the death of Hitler, the New Führer orders the invasion of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. While doing this, Germany sends troops to Great Britain to seize London. On July 2nd, 1946, Moscow falls. The fighting went from the borders to the very streets of the capital. All hope of defense was crushed and the Russian forces falls. Stalin is taken prison and the Russian people moan as more German troops pour into the capital to occupy the country. The Battle of London is still raging on. The British people flee as German troops drop bombs. The British force fights for more months. On December 4th, 1946, the British surrender. Japanese troops help secure the city. British troops have nowhere to retreat, as the whole island is seized. British troops are taken prisoner or killed. With this done, the war in Europe ends. The Axis powers win the war. The Allied Forces were not powerful enough to stop Japan and Germany. Japan and Germany continue to consume territory.

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