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Onwards and onwards, the German army in Africa presses on against faltering British defenses. The German stranglehold in the Mediterranean allows the German army to be fully resupplied, while the British can only get supplies through daring vessels, or going around Cape Horn. Finally, the inevitable occurs. Montgomery is forced to surrender the remainder of his forces to Rommel. Egypt is firmly in Axis contol, and Rommel begins preparing for a drive into the Middle East.

However, the British troops there realize that their position is untenable. Evacuation is impossible, since the Germans control the Mediterranean, so there is only one solution. The British grant independence to their Middle Eastern territory, then seek asylum in Persia. From there they make their way to India.

Guderian is pleased, North Africa has been secured, and the British have been denied their oil reserves in the Middle East. However, the war still goes on. Maybe this is the time to bring the British to the negotiation table? Or will it take more daring strokes from the master of Germany.

Guderian attempts to negotiate a peace

Step up submarine warfare

Look for other fronts to defeat the British in

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