End of World war two

The end of the short lived Second World War was nothing to be excited about for anyone. With the success of Operation Lion also known as the Battle of Britain the war in Europe was essentially over. However in the East the Japanese Empire was slowly moving into the Korean Peninsula with mass casualties on both sides. The Korean-Japanese war lasted for around two years before the Japanese took full control before moving on to annex Southern and Eastern China.

1947 Germany moves.

With southern and eastern China annexed in 1945 Emperor Hirohito called for a ceasefire with the Chinese Government. The agreement was that the Chinese would leave Japanese controlled China alone and the Empire would not Invade. Reluctantly the Chinese agreed and the Empire prospered both economy wise and industrially wise. With that came some interesting Technological marvels such as the Sowa-class mecha and the automated combat drones.

However within a year of finding peace a woman of Japanese descent entered the Empires territories and went straight to the nearest Imperial Military base. She claimed that she was a Japanese Embassy assistant working in Berlin and that the Nazi stormtroopers had taken out the Embassy. Unsure what to make of this Emperor Hirohito Asked Hitler himself about this. Hitler simply said 'This aggression was the work of a rogue General.'

Hirohito believed him which was the one mistake he made that he never had the chance to regret. In the middle of the street surrounded by his Imperial Guard the Imperial Emperor was shot at point blank range by both Hitler and his SS. The Imperial Guard didn't have a chance to retaliate as the heavy armored and armed SS Panzer troopers took them out.

Hirohito's wife Nagako heard of the news and became the Empress as this was a time of war and no time for a coronation. She declared war on Nazi-Europe. A few days after war was declared and conscription was underway the Prime Minister of Australia who became the First Prime minister of the British Commonwealth Federation (BCF) arrived in Tokyo to see the Empress. Shocked by this arrival she took extreme caution as what was left of the British Empire was getting increasingly aggressive against the Nazi's.

After all precaution's where taken the Prime Minister offered a Military Alliance between the BCF and the Imperial Empire. To say she was surprised was a compete understatement she was totally and un-utterly shocked. Giving some thought to the matter she knew that BCF forces where highly trained and well equipped the main reason why the British lost the war was due to the Nazi's having new tactics and technology. She agreed to this and a deal was made. This deal was called the 'Imperial-Federal Pact'. This meant that Federation forces would train Imperial forces while the Imperials would give the Federation their Mecha and automated drone tech.

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