Nazi Germany
Timeline: A History Of A World
Flag of the German Reich (1935–1945) Reichsadler der Deutsches Reich (1933–1945)
Flag Coat of Arms
Map of Nazi Germany 1956
Location of Nazi Germany (circa 1958)
(and largest city)
Berlin (circa 1958)
Language German
Nazi Germany was a national socialist nation from 1948-1959.


In 1936, the representative of the Nazi Party, Adolf Hitler, became the Chancellor of Germany. Nazism spread around the world. Germany under Nazi control formed the Fascist Alliance led by Germany. When the Nazi Revolutionaries started the Second American Civil War and the funding for them was traced back to Germany, Adolf Hitler seized control of Germany, taking the title of Führer and creating the nation of Nazi Germany. In 1952, the League of Nations declared war on the Fascist Alliance. In 1954, Project Berlin was started. It's purpose was to create working nuclear weapons. In 1957, the Nazi States of America collapsed dealing a big blow to Nazi Germany and the Fascist Alliance. In 1959, a spy infiltrates a Project Berlin safe house and sabotaged and detonated a nuclear weapon. It wiped out the entire city of Berlin, killing Adolf Hitler in the process. Only a month later, Nazi Germany surrendered.