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The General leading the Weimar forces, General Walter Von Fritsch, is informed by a Nazi defector about Himmler's plan to trap his forces and instead surrounds the Nazis. When dawn breaks, a group of roughly 50,000 men is sent to bait the Nazis. As expected, the Nazis surround Weimar forces as they enter Nuremburg... Only to be surrounded themselves by the remaining 150,000 Weimar troops and slaughtered. What von Fritscch was unaware of, however, was Himmler's personal guard of 1,000 men. Though not enough to defeat the Weimar forces, they do punch a hole in the line, freeing the rest of the Nazis. Himmler, however, is utterly defeated. Due to casualties and desertations, he is left with just 10,000 troops and almost no public support. Knowing full well he will be killed if he stays in Germany, he is faced with a choice:

Himmler Flees to Austria

Himmler flees to Switzerland

Himmler flees to Denmark

The Royal Guns (talk) 16:03, July 10, 2012 (UTC)

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