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Nazi Cold War


German Civil War

The Nazi Cold War is a timeline which examines the changes of history in the event of the following:
  1. The White Movement secures victory in the Russian Civil War.
  2. The victory of the Nazis in a three-way civil war between them, German conservatives, and the government of the newly-formed Spartacist government.
  3. The rise of the German Reich.
  4. The economic and military rivalry between the United States and its allies and Nazi Germany and its satellite states.

Main points of diversion:

  1. The Allied invasion of the Ottoman Empire is delayed until mid-1916 due to reasons of revision. The presence of Westerners in the region provokes a brief jihad attacking both Ottomans and Allies.
  2. The western front of World War I/The Great War is fought into early 1919.
  3. The White Movement is more organized due to the Yalta Symposium, which agreed to a constitutional government with the czar serving as merely a formal and social role, with little political power. The armies of the Whites are unified as the Russian Patriotic Army.
  4. The opening of the Bosporus allows materiel from the British to reach Russia. This gives more support to the Denikin-Wrangel front.
  5. Stalin is killed at Tsaritsyn, Lenin commits suicide. Numerous famous Bolsheviks after the war are tried for war crimes at the Odessa Hearings.
  6. Kaiser Wilhelm II is killed by the Spartacusbund. His son reigns as the next kaiser for several months before abdicating. The Spartacists sieze power in Germany.
  7. Civil war in Germany erupts almost immediately between the Spartacists and former imperial officers, such as Hindenburg, the latter of whom gains limited assistance from Poland.
  8. A third group, the National Socialist German Workers' Party, becomes a third faction in the German Civil War, opposed to both the communists and the conservatives.
  9. The Nazis win the German Civil War. Adolf Hitler becomes leader of the new German Reich.
  10. Tensions between the United States and the German Reich lead into a non-violent war as both sides seek to impede the influence of the other on the global scale.

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