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Nationalsozialistischen Republik Österreich
National Socialist Republic of Austria
Timeline: French Brazil
Preceded by 1933 - 1941 Succeeded by
Flag of Austria (state)Republic of Austria Republic of AustriaFlag of Austria (state)
NaziAustriaFlag Reichsadler der Deutsches Reich (1933–1945)
Flag of National Socialist Republic of Austria Seal of National Socialist Republic of Austria

Lobet den Führer und die Österreicher (German)
("Praised be the Führer and the Austrians")

Capital: Vienna
  other languages: Hungarian, Czech
Roman Catholic
  other religions: Protestantism, Atheism (Official)
Type of government: Nazi Autoritarian Republic
  Führer of Austria: Adolf Hitler
Currency: Austrian Mark
The National Socialist Republic of Austria was a Nazi state in Europe, being officially anti-Semite.

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