The Axis expands its alliance and is powerful in the world. This results in a standoff between the Allies and the Axis, with the USSR being a minor actor.

World War Two

Eastern Front

Nazi Germany conquers much of Eastern Europe with the alliance of Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Finland in the East invading the Soviet Union, they push in much of Russia when Germany coordinates a Turkish assault on the Caucasus, in an attempt to take over the oil supply. The Soviets quickly retreat as Stalingrad and other key cities fall. As they are forced into Siberia the Soviets start to negotiate. It is agreed that they will back all the way to the Urals, then declare it the Ural-Siberia Soviet Republic. The Germans and their allies will have the rest all to themselves.

Western Front

Nazi Germany and Spain encircle France and eventually swallow even Vichy France. They swallow the Low Countries. They win a fierce fight over England, allowing the British a small puppet state in Ireland, Scotland and some of Wales.

North Africa/Middle East

In the North African theatre Italy is the main actor. Italy has conquered Algeria, Libya, Tunisia and Morocco, as well as Egypt. A close ally of Germany, it actively contributes its forces to other places. In the Middle East, Germany and Italy split the land.

Pacific War

America is actually winning the war against Japan, seizing control of Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, China, Mongolia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Burma and some of India. They have crushed the Japanese and their puppet allies.

The Treaty of Berlin

Leaders of the major belligerents assembled to discuss a treaty to settle the war after the USSR's surrender in 1944, the creation of the British puppet state in 1945, the German occupation of Moscow and London in 1946 and the American occupation of Asia in 1946, the war had come to an end by 1947. The leaders of: the British puppet state (now the Regal Republic of Britain), America, the independent Canada, US-occupied Japan, US-influenced Australia, the Ural-Siberian Soviet Zone, Nazi Germany, Italy, Japan, the Eastern European Nazi Alliance (the Eastern European Co-Prosperity and Protection Pact), US-influenced China, Spain and Turkey amassed in Berlin to discuss a treaty.

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