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Himmler sees that the government has become defunct. He also knows that he needs to act before the Communists can seize control of the nation. He quickly decides that the time has come for the Nazi's to seize power. The militias that the Nazis have organized swing into action, seizing government centers throughout Germany. Before the government can react, the Nazi's have seized control, and staged a coup. The communists try to resist, but their parties are outlawed, and the military, in the hands of Himmler, cracks down on them.

With his control over the nation secured, Himmler turns to his difficult tasks. The economy must be rebuilt, and the military restored. There are many things he must do, without worrying the Allies enough that they will actually do something about him. As the years go by, Himmler restores the economy by beginning a slow military expansion. Finally, he feels that he is strong enough to flout the Allies. In a shocking move, the Third Reich renounces the Versailles Treaty, and begins full rearmament. Now that he is in the open, what does Himmler do?

Initiate a purge to remove disloyal elements from the military

Annex Austria

Focus on military buildup

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