Previous Hitler is Assassinated: 1927 (CYOAH)

On March 17, 1937, Himmler, now the leader of a significant number of loyal German uber-nationalists, decides the time is ripe to lead a march on Berlin, and capture the Capital, and take over the nation. He cites the fact that the Great Depression, still severely affecting the German economy, the continuing bitterness of the Treaty of Versailles, and the unstable coalition governments that have controlled the Reichstag since the 1920's.

So, Himmler decides to march from Munich with 12,000 men toward Berlin, and pick up more followers on the way. By the time he reaches Nuremberg, he manages to have a literal army of over 35,000 men and women, and expected to get more by the time he reached Berlin.

The Government is in Panic. The army wouldn't be able to tackle the problem any later than now due to its constrained size, and Himmler has a massive base of support throughout Germany. But are they willing to just simply hand over the nation to this fanatic?
Fall Grun German Infantry March

Nazi's on the March to Berlin

What do they do?

Send the Army!

Find some dirt on Himmler to make everyone leave him!

We might as well give up.

The Weimar Republic Calls for Foreign Help

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