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However, in the meantime that Britain had liberated France, the Third Reich manages to at last gain a stable leadership around General Erwin Rommel, though former General Ludwig Beck is placed in the position as "Provisional President" of the German nation.

The leader's of Germany know that, if they allow the British and French to regroup, they would be able to storm the Maginot line (due to the fact that most of the defenses were facing the German border), or simply go around them through Belgium. Therefore, Rommel proposes a daring plan to crush the British before they can attack and then, hopefully, arrange for an armistice and peace..

As the Luftwaffe still has air superiority over Germany and much of France, it is difficult for the RAF to find what was going on. The Wehrmacht recognizes that the area behind the Maginot line is actually the weakest spot of the line, the majority of the army in Belgium and facing the Ardennes (thinking that the Germans would try the same attack they did just a few months before.)

Rommel proves them wrong. In a Blitzkrieg attack on October 1, the German army sweeps past the German held Maginot Line, and quickly drives through the second rate French and British divisions held there. They then swoop around to try to get in between the British forces in front of the Ardennes and Paris. By the 7th, Rommel's army had cut off the British from Paris, leaving the British commander's stunned and disorganized.

But General Lord Gort has a plan to strike at the German rear. However, he must first of all convince the French to help, for if they can't distract the German's, then his attack would fail. What do the French do?

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