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Himmler manages to convince the other member's of the Third Reich's leadership that the Soviet's are planning on betraying the alliance, so therefore, Germany must strike first!

On June 22, 1943, Operation Barbarossa began, with the Wehrmacht shattering the Red Army formations in Spain, which was the cream of the Russian army. However, Stalin was expecting this, so institued his own attack on Germany in July, planning on driving on Berlin while the majority of the Nazi army is in Spain. However, the German's leave enough troops on the Eastern border, with large defensive lines, that soon trenches reminiscent of the First World War scar the Eastern front.

Himmler realizes that, though the Russian's in Spain have been easily defeated, those that did not surrender instead went into the Spanish mountains, and with other Spanish patriots, start a vicious guerrilla warfare campaign, which easily ties down large numbers of troops that would be needed to fight the Soviet menace, because, despite the defensive precautions, every Russian attack manages to drive back the defenders even further and further, despite the horrendous casualties suffered. As well, occupied Britain and

The German High Command must do something. With two bloody, rapidly faltering campaigns on opposite sides of the continent, something must give. But what happens?

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