Nazcan Kingdom
Nazcan Kingdom Flag Nazcan Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Nazcan Kingdom
The Nazcan Kingdom at its greatest extent in 3,672 BC
Capital Nazca
Largest city Nazca
Language Greek
Religion Judaism
Demonym Nazcan
Government Royal Monarchy
  legislature King
King Dion Heraclius (first)
  Royal house: Heraclius
King Lykos Heraclius
Population 580 million (peak) 
Established 4,606 BC
Independence from Cyrulean Empire
  declared 4,606 BC
Time Zone multiple
The Nazcan Kingdom was the earliest royal monarchy in the world, and was the predecessor of modern day Nazca. It was founded by Dion Heraclius around 4,600 BC after the Nazcan Split. The kingdom functioned more efficiently than all of the other nations on earth during its time, with the Heraclius dynasty providing great leaders throughout the entire history of the kingdom. This increased luxury allowed for increased infrastructural ingenuity and innovation, leading to many great architectural feats and great monuments. The Nazcan Kingdom was the second nation to have a military, the first being the Gondwanan Empire. However, the Gondwanan military inspired Cephas Heraclius, or Cephas the Powerful, ruler of the Nazcan Kingdom for over 40 years, to create on himself, but his ideas were different. Rather than for exploration and defense, he raised an army based on the principles of assault and territorial conquest, in hopes of one day ruling all known lands and expanding his kingdom into the unknown. He put this dream into action with the support of his people when, once again, a population crisis struck. He invaded three of the four other nations on earth at the time, conquering the Panthalassan Empire, and Cyrulean Empire. In order to thin the population, his army took part in horrific slaughters in major cities across the conquered territories

After Cephas conquered nearly the entire civilized world, it was nearly impossible for anyone who proceeded him to manage a nation of the magnitude he had dreamed, and eventually, the Gondwanans and Edes attacked from the south in the War of Preservation after the Nazcan Kingdom began to crumble, to ensure its demise for the purpose of preventing any conquest like the Cephasian Conquests from ever occurring again.

Military Conflicts

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