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Republic of Naya Pradesh
नया प्रदेश गणराज्य

Timeline: Venusian Haven

OTL equivalent: Idmr Regio (Venus).
Flag of Naya Pradesh
English and Hindi
  others Bengali, Russian, Urdu
  others Christianity, Islam, Scientology
Demonym Naya Pradeshi
Government Unitary parliamentary republic
  legislature Parliament
Independence from India
  declared 2010s
  recognized 2010s
Currency Venerka (฿) (VEN)
Internet TLD .nd
Organizations UN, UNVC, VF

Naya Pradesh (Hindi: नया प्रदेश, nayā pradēśa), officially known as the Republic of Naya Pradesh, is a sovereign state located in eastern Aphrodite Terra on planet Venus. Encompassing the whole of Idmr Regio, Naya Pradesh is an insular nation surrounded by Aino Oceanus. The nation began as a series of settlements established by India and under the assistance of the Soviet Union. The region declared their independence in the early 2010s.

One of the most noted features of the region is Idunn Mons, a volcano located within the center of the nation. The mountain is noted for its eruption in 2004, which became the first volcanic eruption witnessed by humans on another planet. Despite the region's geological activity, most of the population is centered within the nation's south (about 200 kilometers south of Idunn Mons).

Naya Pradesh is a unitary state comprised of several districts.

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