The Duchy of Naxos, more commonly referred to by Naxos, is a complete monarchy under the rule of the Duke of Naxos. The duchy controls the Cyclades in the Aegean, except for Mykonos and Tinos.

Ducal Family Edit

Duke Jacob I Crispo, Duke of Naxos. Married Fiorenza Sommaripa. Died 1418.

  • Maria 'Mary' Crispo, Co-Lady of Milos. Born in 1406.
  • Fiorenza 'Florence' Crispo, Co-Lady of Milos. Born in 1410.

Petronilla 'Petronia' Crispo, Lady of Andros and Syros. Married to Pietro Zeno. Died in 1427.

Agnese 'Agnes' Crispo, Lady of Nisyros. Married Dragonetto Clavelli. Died 1428.

Duke John II Crispo, Duke of Naxos. Married Princess Eleanor of Aragon. Deposed in 1446.

  • Giacomo 'Jacob' Crispo, Crown Prince of Naxos. Born in 1436.
  • Caterina 'Catherine' Crispo, Princess of Naxos. Born in 1439.
  • Alfonso 'Alphonso' Crispo, Prince of Naxos. Twin to Fiorenza. Born in 1442.
  • Fiorenza 'Florence' Crispo, Princess of Naxos. Twin to Alfonso. Born in 1442.

Duke William I Crispo, Duke of Naxos, Admiral of the Naxian Navy. Married Princess Rosina of Milan.

  • Francesco 'Francis' Crispo. Born in 1440.
  • Bianca 'Blanche' Crispo. Born in 1444.

Prince Nicholas Crispo, Lord of Syros. Married Princess Valenza-Eudokia Komnena of Trebizond. Had issue.

Prince Marcus Crispo. Had issue.

Prince Peter Crispo.

  • Giovanni 'John' Crispo, Knight of the Knight's Hospitaller.