Native Sinican Federation
Native States of Sinica

Grand Federation of the 12 Tribes
Timeline: Celestial Ascendance
NativeAmericaFlag CoANative
Flag Great Symbol

Unified We Will Survive!

Anthem: "The 12 Tribes"
Capital Cahokia
Largest city Manahatta
Language: Sioux, Iroquois, Cherokee, Mississippian, Navajo, Shoshone...
Native Sinican traditional beliefs
  others: Buddhism, Asatru
Ethnic group: Native Sinicans
Demonym: Native Sinican
Type of government: Tribal monarchy
Grand Chief: Ronkwe Wasake Cogi Galilahi
16,280,000 km²
  water (%): 5%
  per capita: €49,998
Population: 300,172,689 
Established: 1660
Currency: Native Sinican kangee
Organizations: United Nations
Native Sinican League
 The Native Sinican Federation, also called the Native States of Sinica, officially the Grand Federation of the 12 Tribes is a vast nation in North Sinica. It is the largest nation in the world.

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