Native American Federation
Grand Federation of the 12 Tribes
Timeline: Great Empires
NativeAmericaFlag CoANative
Flag Great Symbol
Native American Federation Map
Location of Native American Federation

Unified We Will Survive! (English)

Anthem "The 12 Tribes"
Capital Cahokia
Largest city Shikaakwa (Chicago)
  others Sioux, Iroquois, Cherokee ...
Native American traditional beliefs
  others Christianity
Ethnic Group Native Americans
Demonym Native American
Government Tribal monarchy
Grand Chief Ronkwe Wasake Cogi Galilahi
1,700,000 km²
  water (%) 5%
Population 100,102,010 
Established 1660
Currency Native American kangee
Organizations United Nations
Native American League
 The Native American Federation is a nation in North America, completely surrounded by the United States of America.


The Native American Federation is officially known as "the Grand Federation of the 12 Tribes".



Prior to the unification of the 12 tribes, the 12 tribes were completely independent and often waged war with each other. There was no feeling of national identity and the tribes would never have been unified if it was not for that they shared a common threat: Europe.


Following the establishment of French Louisiana and the 13 colonies of England, the Native Americans began to worry about the fact that they were losing land. The Natives spent more than 10 years at the negotiating table before finally unifying under the first Grand Chief in 1660, The Great Founder . The 10 tribes that agreed to become one nation were the Sioux, Mississippian, Apache, Navajo, Creek, Choctaw, Seminole, Chickasaw, Cherokee and the Iroquois. The Shoshone and Anishinaabe joined the federation two years later.

War with Europe

The Native Americans bonded together to defend the land that was theirs, but the Europeans were planning to conquer and subjugate all of their lands. In 1670 the Kingdom of England came into conflict with the Native Americans and started the Native-European War. The French joined the war at England's side two years later. The Native Americans were primitive in comparison to the Europeans, but they outnumbered the armies of Europe 20 to 1. The Native Americans managed by cunning tactics to withstand the Europeans, but the French and English were preparing to conquer the capital of Cahokia with a great army. The Great Founder gathered his army in 1675 at Cahokia and led the defense of the city, in a epic battle the Native Americans emerged victorious, but their great leader perished in the battle. One of The Great Founder's generals, Degotoga, was elected as the new Grand Chief and continued the war for independence. The final battle took place near New York City in 1690 and once again by their overwhelming numbers they succesfully conquered the city. The Europeans had to recognize their defeat at the hands of the Native Americans and proposed a peace treaty, in 1691, the war was formally ended at the Treaty of Shikaakwa. In 1702, the Native Americans sold New York City back to the English for a large sum of weapons and other valuables.


Under the rule of Grand Chieftess Kuwanyauma Tangakwunu the federation began to rapidly modernize. She imported various medicines and machines to maintain the level of knowledge of the Europeans. Her reign lasted more than 40 years and she greatly improved the system of government and education in the nation.


Until the 19th century, more than 70% of the Native Americans still lived in small settlements or as nomads. In 1806, Sacagawea, a Shoshone woman, became Grand Chieftess. It was under her reign that she convinced many people to give up their nomadic lifestyle and move in to the cities. This benefited many of them and the economy bloomed, bringing prosperity to all of the twelve tribes.

Present day

Under Grand Chieftess Talulah the Federation raised to the level of modernization of Europe. She abdicated in 2013, Ronkwe was elected Grand Chief. Today the Native American Federation is a beacon for liberty and determination for how a nation can successfully resist colonization. The nation is a tribal monarchy, a calm place, famous because of its exotic lifestyle and way of living.



The Native American Federation is a federation and tribal monarchy. Each of the 12 tribes and their provinces hold large power over their territory. Each of the 12 tribes must elect a representative each 2 years, who acts as a governor and their representative in the Council of Elders. The Council of Elders consists of the 12 representatives of the 12 tribes. They announce the new Grand Chief, act as an advisor and right hand to the Grand Chief and assume de facto leadership over the federation when the Grand Chief is unable to perform his or her duties. The Grand Chief himself/herself is the head of state and government of the nation and holds great, though not absolute power. No law can pass without his or her consent, he/she has the power to declare war and he/she traditionally represents the nation at international meetings.

Foreign relations

The Native American Federation has foreign relations with most countries. They are allies to the Aztec Empire, the Maya Kingdom and the Inca Empire.

The United States of America

Relations between the federation and the United States of America have traditionally been informal and hostile. Many Native Americans believe that the United Americans aren't the owners of the land. Many of them also believe that all of North America belongs to them, as the Europeans and later United Americans stole their land. However a minority of them thinks they should see the United States of America and Canada as their brothers and sisters and should work together. The Native Americans also refer to themselves as "Americans", the word Native is added to avoid confusion with the People of the USA.


The Native American Federation is a relative large economy, though behind most developed nations even with its large population. It has virtually no polluting industry, due to its laws that limit environmentally unfriendly industries to protect nature. The nation has a GDP value of 1,8 trillion USD. Its main exports are limited to mostly capital goods and environmentally friendly products. It has a vibrant economy and its main energy sources are solar energy and wind energy with these contributing to almost 90% of the nation's energy need, this makes the nation the least polluting and most environmentally friendly nation on Earth.

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