This is the List of Nations in Earth With Sumatera Alternate History.


Flag Name Capital City
Flag of the United States
United States of America Washington D.C
The Confederation of Caribbean Sea (Earth With Sumatera) Havana
Greenland Nuuk
Union of SA Flag.
Union of South America (Earth With Sumatera) Rio de Janeiro
Flag of Argentina
Argentina Buenos Aires
Other Republic: TBA


Flag Name Capital City
Flag of Sumateranian Egypt
Egypt Cairo
Sahara Flag
Sahara Confederation Beni Isugen
Other: TBA


Flag Name Capital City
Sumatera Singapore City
Flag of South Vietnam
Democratic Vietnam Saigon
Flag of China (EWS)
China Shanghai
Russia Moscow
Japan Tokyo
Korea Republic Seoul
India New Delhi
Pakistan Islamabad
Afghanisthan-Iran Union Kabul, Tehran
Palestine Jerusalem
Saudi Arabia Riyadh
Turkey Istanbul

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