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The Nordic flags are only placeholders. I know the crosses represent Christianity, which obviously doesn't exist in this timeline.


Northern Europe

Flag Nation Government system Capital
Flag of England England Constitutional monarchy London
Flag of Scotland Scotland Constitutional monarchy Edinburgh
Flag of Wales Wales Constitutional monarchy Cardiff
Flag of Ireland Ireland Parliamentary republic Dublin
Flag of Sweden Sweden Constitutional monarchy Stockholm
Flag of Norway Norway Constitutional monarchy Oslo
Flag of Denmark Denmark Constitutional monarchy Copenhagen
Flag of Iceland Iceland Presidential republic Reykjavík

Western Europe

Flag Nation Government system Capital
Royal Standard of the Kingdom of France France Constitutional monarchy Paris
Flag of Normandy Normandy Constitutional monarchy Rouen
Flag of brittany WA Brittany Constitutional monarchy Brittany
Vsg Visigoth Constitutional monarchy Toledo
Flag of dutchland WA Dutchland Parliamentary republic Breda
Flag of Flanders Flanders Presidential republic Ghent
Flag of germany WA Germany Constitutional monarchy Frankfurt
Flag of italy WA Italy Constitutional monarchy Rome
Flag of Most Serene Republic of Venice Venice Oligarchic republic Venice
Flag of the Kingdom of Naples Naples Constitutional monarchy Naples
Bandiera del Regno di Sicilia 4 Sicily Constitutional monarchy Palermo
Flag of Genoa Genoa Oligarchic republic Genoa
Flag of the Republic of Pisa Pisa Republic Pisa

Eastern Europe

Flag Nation Government system Capital
Flag of Russia Russia Constitutional monarchy Moscow
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine Presidential republic Kiev
Flag of Courland (state) Kurland Constitutional monarchy Mitau
Flag of Lithuania Lithuania Parliamentary republic Vilnius
Flag of Estonia Estonia Presidential republic Tallinn
Flag of Poland Poland Presidential republic Warsaw
Flag of Ukraine Kiev Parliamentary republic Kiev

Southern Europe

Flag Nation Government system Capital
Civil Flag of Serbia Serbia Constitutional monarchy Skopje
Flag of Indonesia Croatia Constitutional monarchy Zagreb
Flag of Wallachia Wallachia Constitutional monarchy Câmpulung