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These are the nations of the Videri Quam Esse timeline.

Hyperborea and Hisperica

  • United Kingdom of Hyperborea
    • Kingdom of New England
    • Kingdom of New York
    • Kingdom of Nova Scotia
    • Kingdom of Georgia
    • Kingdom of Carolina
    • Kingdom of Florida
    • Kingdom of Louisiana
    • Kingdom of Kentuckistan
    • Kingdom of New Syria
    • Western Kingdom
      • Duchy of Oregon
      • Duchy of Idaho
      • Duchy of Montano
  • Republic of California
  • People's Republic of Texas
    • F.I.J.I. Demilitarized Zone
  • Alyeska
  • Patagonia
  • Mexico
  • New Grenada
  • Venezuela


  • United States of Eurasia
  • Kingdom of Scandinavia
  • People's Republic of Germania
  • Empire of France
  • Republic of Hispania
  • Republic of Portugal
  • Union of Britannic Socialist Republics
  • Netherlands
  • Scotland
  • Ireland


  • Ethiopia
  • South Africa
  • Natal
  • Swahililand
  • Congo
  • New Austria
  • Egypt
  • Sudan
  • Lion King country (Tanzania)


  • Irisqaia
  • Uzbekistan
  • People's Republic of Mongolia
  • Nepal
  • Indianesia
  • Kurdistan
  • Trans Pacific Union

Australia and Antarctica

  • United Kingdom of Oceania
  • Federated Republic of Antarctica
  • People's Republic of Antarctica

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