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Northern Europe

Flag Nation Government system Capital
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom Constitutional monarchy London
Flag of Ireland Ireland Parliamentary republic Dublin
Flag of Corsica Corsica Oligarchic republic Corte
Flag of Belgium Belgium Constitutional monarchy Brussels
Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands Constitutional monarchy Amsterdam
Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg Constitutional monarchy Luxembourg
Flag of Saar 1920-1935 Saar Parliamentary republic Saarbrucken
Flag of Germany Germany Presidential republic Berlin
Flag of Bavaria Bavaria Parliamentary republic Munich
Flag of Denmark Denmark Constitutional monarchy Copenhagen
Flag of Norway Norway Constitutional monarchy Oslo

Western Europe

Flag Nation Government system Capital
Flag of Spain (AoK) Spain Constitutional monarchy Madrid
Flag of Portugal Portugal Multi-party military dictatorship Lisbon
Flag of France France Presidential republic Paris
Flag of Most Serene Republic of Venice Venice Oligarchic republic Venice
Flag of Italy Italy Presidential republic Rome
Sardinia (Governate) Sardinia Oligarchic republic Cagliari

Eastern Europe

Flag Nation Government system Capital
Flag of the Free City of Danzig Danzig Presidential republic Danzig
Flag of Poland Poland Parliamentary republic Warsaw
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine Parliamentary republic Kiev
Flag of the Crimean Republic Crimea Presidential republic Sevastopol
Flag of Belarus (1918, 1991-1995) Belarus Parliamentary republic Minsk
Flag of Lithuania Lithuania Lithuania Vilnius
Flag of Russia Russia Russia Moscow
Flag of Don Cossacks Don Parliamentary republic Novocherkas'k
800px-Flag of Kuban People's Republic Kuban Republic Yekaterinodar

Central Europe

Flag Nation Government system Capital
Flag of Austria Austria Presidential republic Vienna
Flag of Hungary Hungary Presidential republic Budapest
Carniola thing Carniola Parliamentary republic Trieste
Flag of Bohemia Bohemia Presidential republic Prague
800px-Flag of Bohmen und Mahren Slovakia Republic Bratislava
Flag of Romania Romania Constitutional monarchy Bucharest
Flag of the Moldavian Democratic Republic Moldavia Presidential republic Odessa
Flag of Croatia Croatia Presidential republic Zagreb

Southern Europe

Flag Nation Government system Capital
State flag of Greece (1863–1924;1935–73) Greece Constitutional monarchy Athens
Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria Constitutional monarchy Sofia
Flag of Serbia Serbia Constitutional monarchy Belgrade
Flag of Montenegro Montenegro Presidential republic Podgorica
Bosnia TRT Bosnia Parliamentary republic Sarajevo
Flag of the Kingdom of Dalmatia Dalmatia Oligarchic republic Split
Kosovo TRT Kosovo Republic Pristina
Flag of Albania (1934-1939) Albania Constitutional monarchy Tirana
Macedonia TRT Macedonia Presidential republic Skopje
Flag of Georgia (1990-2004) Georgia Presidential republic Tbilisi
Auhoyt Ossetia Presidential republic Vladikavkaz
Flag of Sicily revised Sicily Presidential republic Palermo
Flag of Cyprus Cyprus Republic Nicosia


Middle East

Flag Nation Government system Capital
Flag of Turkey Turkey Parliamentary republic Ankara
Flag of Palestine Palestine Parliamentary republic Bethlehem
Flag of Nejd (1921) Nejd Absolute monarchy Riyadh
Flag of Hejaz 1920 Hejaz Absolute monarchy Mecca
Flag of the Emirate of Ha'il Hail Parliamentary republic Ha'il
Flag of Asir Asir Constitutional monarchy Abha
Flag of the Federation of South Arabia South Arabia Parliamentary republic Aden
Flag of Yemen Yemen Presidential republic Sanaa
Flag of the Republic of Mahabad Mahabad Republic Mahabad
M-flag Mesopotamia Parliamentary republic Basra
Flag of Kurdistan Kurdistan Presidential republic Mosul
Bgdd Baghdad Presidential republic Baghdad
Alawite State Alawite Parliamentary republic Latakia
Assyria thing Assyria Constitutional monarchy Assyria City

North Asia

Flag Nation Government system Capital
Km Khanty-Mansi Presidential republic Svet-Nasevere
Yku Yakutia Republic Yakutia
Smo Samoyedia Parliamentary republic Korol-Sibiri
Bryt Buryatia Presidential republic Ulan-Ude

East Asia

Flag Nation Government system Capital
Flag of the Republic of China China Presidential republic Beijing
Flag of Hong Kong Hong Kong Presidential republic Hong Kong
Flag of Japan Japan Constitutional monarchy Tokyo
Flag of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea Korea Constitutional monarchy Gyeongseong
Flag of South Vietnam Vietnam Parliamentary republic Hanoi
Flag of Thailand Siam Constitutional monarchy Bangkok
Flag of Manchukuo Manchuria Constitutional monarchy Tonghua
Flag of Cambodia Khmer Constitutional monarchy Phnom Penh
Flag of Laos Laos Military dictatorship Vientiane
Flag of Republic of Cochinchina Hunan Parliamentary republic Hanoi
Hysytyat Far East Republic Chita
Kugtdht Vladivostok Presidential republic Vladivostok

South Asia

Flag Nation Government system Capital
Flag of Afghanistan (1919–1921) Afghanistan Absolute monarchy Beijing
Flag of India India Parliamentary republic New Delhi
AOA Karachi Parliamentary republic Karachi
BIA Bengal Presidential republic Calcutta
Flag of Burma (1948-1974) Burma Presidential republic Naypyidaw
Flag of Sikkim monarchy Sikkim Absolute monarchy Gangtok
Assam thing trt Assam Presidential republic Dispur
Flag of Malaysia Malaya Constitutional monarchy Kuala Lumpur
Sarawak People's Guerilla Force Flag Sarawak Socialist republic Kuching
Flag of Sabah Sabah Constitutional monarchy Kota Kinabalu

West Asia

Flag Nation Government system Capital
Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Presidential republic Baku
Flag of Armenia Armenia Presidential republic Yerevan
Flag of the Chechen Republic Chechnya Parliamentary republic Grozny
Flag of Dagestan Dagestan Republic Makhachkala
Flag of Ingushetia Ingushetia Presidential republic Magas

Central Asia

Flag Nation Government system Capital
Alash (FebLeg) Alash Republic Semey
Turkestan Turkestan Republic Ashhabat
Bandera de Khiva 1917-1920 Khiva Constitutional monarchy Khiva
Flag of Kokand Kokand Constitutional monarchy Kokand
Bukhara thing trt Bukara Constitutional monarchy Bukhara
TLA Siberia Presidential republic Novosibirsk
Flag of Tatarstan Tatary Parliamentary republic Kazan
Flag of Uriankhai (1918-1921) Tannu Tuva Republic Kazan


North Africa

Flag Nation Government system Capital
Flag of Sudan Sudan Presidential republic Khartoum
Flag of Darfur Darfur Republic Al-Fashir
Flag of Chad Chad Presidential republic N'Djamena

Central Africa

Flag Nation Government system Capital
Flag of Katanga Katanga Republic Élisabethville
Flag of South Kasai South Kasai Semi-presidential republic Bakwanga
Bandeira do MPLA Angola Presidential republic Luanda
Flag of Cabinda Cabinda Presidential republic Cabinda
Flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (2003-2006) DRC Semi-presidential republic Kinshasa
Flag of Congo-Léopoldville (1960-1963) ROC Presidential republic Brazzaville
Flag of Rwanda Rwanda Semi-presidential republic Kigali
Flag of Burundi Burundi Presidential republic Bujumbura
Flag of Uganda Uganda Semi-presidential republic Kampala
Ug-bugan Buganda Absolute monarchy Mengo

West Africa

Flag Nation Government system Capital
Flag of Nigeria Nigeria Presidential republic Abuja
Flag of Biafra Biafra Republic Enugu
Flag of Mali Mali Semi-presidential republic Bamako
Flag of Niger Niger Semi-presidential republic Niamey
Flag of Upper Volta Volta Presidential republic Accra

East Africa

Flag Nation Government system Capital
Flag of Ethiopia (1897-1936; 1941-1974) Ethiopia Constitutional monarchy Addis Abba
Flag of the Sultanate of Zanzibar (1963) Zanzibar Constitutional monarchy Stone Town
Flag of Tanganyika Tanganyika Presidential republic Dar es Salaam

South Africa

Flag Nation Government system Capital
Flag of South Africa South Africa Parliamentary republic Various
Flag of Zambia Zambia Presidential republic Lusaka

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