This article lists all the sovereign nations in the world as well as important information about them.


Flag Nation Capital Government Head of state Head of government
Northern Europe
Flag of Scotland Kingdom of Scotland Edinburgh Unitary parliamentary monarchy Donald V Bonaparte Alex Salmond
Flag of England (The Lion Kings) Kingdom of England London Unitary parliamentary monarchy Edward X Westminster Daniel Craig
Flag of Ireland Kingdom of Ireland Dublin Unitary parliamentary monarchy Michael III Fabre Enda Kenny
Flag of Scandinavia (The Lion Kings) Scandinavian Empire Copenhagen Federal parliamentary monarchy John VII Bourbon Erna Solberg
Central Europe
Flag of France Empire of the French Paris Federal parliamentary monarchy VIII Francis Bonaparte Arnold Schwarzenegger
United Kingdoms of Germany and Poland Berlin Federal parliamentary monarchy Augustus Wilhelm V and Sigismund VII Angela Merkel
Southern Europe
Iberian Federation Madrid Federal parliamentary monarchy Luis III Braganza-Bourbon Mariano Rajoy
Federation of Yugoslavia Belgrade Federal presidential constitutional monarchy Ivan IV Josif Poeyev Tomislav Nikolic
Flag of Greece (1822-1978) Kingdom of Greece Athens Unitary parliamentary monarchy Constantine II Plantagenet Alexios Tsipras
Sicilian Flag Kingdom of Sicily Palermo Unitary parliamentary monarchy Charles VII Plantagenet Rosario Crocetta
Flag of Bulgaria Empire of Bulgaria Sofia Unitary parliamentary monarchy Cyril II Draculov Klaus Iohannis
Eastern Europe
Imperial Eurasian Federation Moscow Federal parliamentary monarchy Michael III Draculov Yulia Tymoshenko
Flag of Hungary Hungarian Federation Szekesfehervar Federal parliamentary monarchy Francis IV Janos Ader
Flag of Romania Principality of Wallachia Bucharest Unitary parliamentary monarchy Vladimir II Draculov Dacian Cioloș
Middle East
Flag of Turkey Republic of Turkey Ankara Federal semi-presidential republic Recep Tayyip Erdogan Ahmet Davutoglu
Empire of Pontus Batman Unitary presidential monarchy Thomas IX Plantagenet David Petrosyan
United Arab Federation Damascus Federal parliamentary monarchy Fuad II Bashar al-Assad
Kingdom of Jerusalem Jerusalem Unitary presidential republic Mahmoud Abbas
South Asia
Punjab Federation Karachi Federal semi-presidential republic Ashraf Ghani Nawaz Sharif
Republic of India Delhi Federal semi-presidential republic Narendra Modi Rahul Gandhi
Flag of Bangladesh Bengal Union Kolkatta Single party dictatorship Khalid Hamza
Dravidian Republic Chennai Federal presidential republic Jayaraman Jayalalithaa
Far East
Flag of Japan Empire of Japan Kyoto Federal parliamentary monarchy Akihito Shinzo Abe
Flag of Korea (1882-1910) Republic of Korea Seoul Federal presidential republic Kim Jong-nam
Flag of the Qing Dynasty (1889-1912) Empire of Manchuria Harbin Federal parliamentary monarchy Yanzou Emperor Wang Xiankui
Flag of the Republic of China (1912-1928) Republic of China Nanjing Federal presidential republic Xi Jinping
Flag of Tibet People's Republic of Tibet Lhasa Unitary presidential republic Chen Quanguo
Liangguang Federation Guangzhou Federal presidential republic Hu Chunhua
Naval Jack of the Republic of China Independent Republic of Formosa Taipei Unitary presidential republic John Chiang
Southeast Asia and the Islands
Flag of Thailand Kingdom of Siam Bangkok Unitary parliamentary monarchy Rama IX Prayut Chan-o-cha
Flag of Cambodia (Myomi Republic) Khmer Republic Phnom Penh Unitary presidential republic Hun Sen
Malayan Republic Kuala Lumpur Federal presidential republic Najib Razak
Sultanate of Brunei Jakarta Federal parliamentary monarchy Sultan Joko Widodo


Arcadia and Antillia

Flag Nation Capital Government Head of state Head of government
United States of Arcadia Washington, D.C. Federal presidential republic Frank Underwood
Kingdom of New Prussia Federal parliamentary monarchy
Sovereign Military Order of New Rhodes New Rhodes Military island state Frank Underwood Commander of the Order


Flag Nation Capital Government Head of state Head of government
Kingdom of Gran Colombia Caracas Federal constitutional monarchy
Kingdom of New Orange Willemstad Federal constitutional monarchy William IX
Peruvian Union Cusco Unitary presidential republic
Flag of Empire of Brazil (1870-1889) Empire of Brazil Rio de Janeiro Federal parliamentary monarchy Pedro V Dilma Rousseff
Republic of Argentina Buenos Aires Federal presidential republic Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner


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