This page is a reference point for all the nations of the World for the Imperial Americas timeline.

League of Nations

The following are a part of the League of Nations. All have been categorized by their Union.

Caribbean League

Name: Government Type:

Republic of Texas Presidential Democracy
Empire of Mexico Parliamentary Democracy
Union of Caribbean States Presidential Democracy
States Seeking Admittance to the Caribbean League
Republic of Guayane Presidential Democracy
Free State of Venezuela Presidential Democracy
Mandate of Peru Puppet State (Presidential Democracy)

Western Alliance

Name: Government Type:

California Federation Parliamentary Democracy
Dominion of Canada Parliamentary Democracy
Kingdom of Louisiana Parliamentary Democracy
Maritime Union Parliamentary Democracy

Imperial Council

Name: Government Type:

Empire of Alaska Absolute Monarchy
Empire of Germany Absolute Monarchy
Empire of Japan Absolute Monarchy
States Seeking Admittance to the Imperial Council
Kingdom of the Mediterranean Parliamentary Democracy
Turkish Empire Absolute Monarchy
Empire of Brazil Parliamentary Democracy

People's Eurasian Union

Name: Government Type:

People's Republic of Uigher Communist Dictatorship
People's Republic of India Communist Republic
Soviet Republic of Russia Communist Dictatorship
People's Federation of Indonesia Communist Republic

South American Union

Name: Government Type:

Republic of Paraguay Presidential Republic
Republic of Uruguay Presidential Republic
Rodonian Confederacy Parliamentary Democracy/Confederacy
Free State of Chile Presidential Democracy
Federal Republic of Argentina Presidential Democracy
Socialist Republic of Bolivia Socialist Democracy

Global Defense Community

Name: Government Type:

United States of America Presidential Democracy
British Empire Parliamentary Democracy
French Republic Presidential Democracy
Republic of Quebec Presidential Democracy
Republic of China Presidential Democracy
Confederation of Australia and New Zealand Parliamentary Democracy

Non-League States

These States are non-league, neutral nations. These states are either considered to unstable for entry or have declined for neutrality.

Congo Confederacy (declined membership for instability)

Socialist Republic of Geneva (abstained)

Balkan Alliance (denied membership due to Soviet Republic of Russia, German Empire)

Republic of Egypt (negotiating entry to the League under African Union)

Republic of Ethiopia (negotiating entry to the League under African Union)

Empire of Morocco (previously denied membership due to Mediterranean Kingdom, negotiating entry to the League under African Union)

Arabian Union (denied membership due to Turkish Empire)

Republic of Zion (denied membership due to Turkish Empire)

Republic of Mongolia (previous membership request stalemate between PUE and GDC, referendum pending)

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